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The Chinese Dynasties.

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1 The Chinese Dynasties

2 Ming Dynasty Emperor Hong Wu expels the Mongols and brings peace and stability. Hong Wu was a Buddhist monk who had entered the military. The Ming would rule China for nearly 300 years.

3 Exploration Chinese emperors send expeditions of junks throughout Asia and Africa. The great fleet of Zheng He dominated the trade in the Indian Ocean in the early 15th century. Later emperors focus on military power instead of exploration, giving way to the Europeans

4 The Forbidden City Center of the capital city of Beijing where the emperor and his family lived. The palaces consisted of hundreds of buildings and thousands of rooms.


6 Qing Dynasty Invasion from the North Adapting to Chinese Culture
Manchus establish a new dynasty in 1644 after conquering China from the north Adapting to Chinese Culture Manchus adapted to Chinese culture and customs Manchu received top jobs in civil service and military


8 Daily Life Queue Economy Shaving and braiding of hair
Chinese use labor-intensive farming methods, work done by humans, to feed people Silk production brought extra income for families

9 Contacts with Europe Portuguese built a trading post at Macao in 1557
Jesuits arrive to convert people to Christianity and took positions at the court.

10 Decline of China Qing became corrupt and overtaxed the people.
European powers with their superior weapons began to take control over large areas of China. In 1850, The Taiping Rebellion threatened the Qing and further weakened China’s ability to deal with European countries.

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