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1 Maps

2 The World Political Political maps show how people have divided places on the Earth into countries, states, cities and other units for the purpose of governing them.

3 The World Physical Physical maps show what the surface of the Earth looks like (also known as topography/relief maps and can aide in determining elevation).

4 Global Climates This map shows the general climate regions of the world.

5 World Religions This map shows the religions of the world.

6 An Elevation map is a map that shows how high the ground is above a standard level such as sea level (comparable to a physical map).

7 A Population map shows the location and pattern of settlement of the population.

8 Another view of the world’s population at night…

9 A Resource map is a map showing exactly where a particular resource was or can be found.

10 A Land use map that shows the types and different land uses in a particular area.

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