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Teamwork Goal 4.01: Demonstrate characteristics of effective leadership.

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1 Teamwork Goal 4.01: Demonstrate characteristics of effective leadership.

2 What is teamwork? teamwork- working with others to achieve a common goal *key to successful relationships

3 Benefits of Teamwork 1.efficiency- producing effectively with minimum waste, expense, or unnecessary effort 2.combined strengths- variety of skills will help complete a task efficiently support- encourage one another

4 4. job satisfaction- making a worthwhile contribution 5.improve relationships- opportunity to teach and learn from each other

5 Characteristics of Team Players 1.Be willing to contribute. 2.Use good communication skills. 3.Respect differences.

6 4. Avoid competition. 5. Support group decisions. 6. Work to resolve conflicts.

7 Effective Teamwork 1.Divide tasks. 2.Make group decisions.

8 Types of Group Decisions 1. majority rule- democratic process; decisions made by voting 2. Compromise- everyone gives up something

9 3. consensus building- everyone’s ideas are taken into account and the entire group agrees; if any member has a strong objection an alternative must be found

10 Groupthink faulty decision-making process caused by a strong desire for group agreement group works well together but makes poor decisions use peer pressure to make everyone agree diverse groups are less likely to “groupthink”

11 Effective Leadership leadership- provide direction and motivation that helps a team/group achieve their goals

12 Leadership Skills 1.role model- person who sets an example for others 2.communicate clearly

13 3. motivate others 4. manage- planning, organizing, and implementing a project

14 5.delegate- assign tasks to other team/group members 6.make decisions- use decision making process 7.solve problems- use problem solving skills

15 Leadership Qualities 1.dependable 2.enthusiastic 3.honest 4.take risks 5.positive attitude 6.responsible; accept responsibility 7.sense of humor 8.ethical- do the right thing

16 Leadership Styles 1.Authoritarian/Autocratic- leader makes the decisions and tells everyone what to do *advantages- process is efficient, orderly, and quick *disadvantages- team members may lack commitment

17 2. Democratic decisions are made by the majority; members may express their opinion *advantage- everyone contributes; supportive *disadvantages- inefficient; disagreements

18 3. Integrated focus on group harmony and building good relationships *advantage- reach better decisions; decisions based on consensus *disadvantages- time consuming

19 4. Laissez-faire leader takes a hands-off approach; group functions on it’s own *advantages- leaders can emerge from the group *disadvantages- team lacks organization; inefficient

20 Resolving Group Conflict 1.Try to understand other people. 2.Give credit where credit is due. 3.Use differences of opinion to examine creative alternatives. 4.Do not get irritated. 5.Keep a positive attitude. 6.Stay focused.

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