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Welcome to Ms. King’s Second Grade Rules and Procedures.

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1 Welcome to Ms. King’s Second Grade Rules and Procedures

2 Rules:  #1  Always respect everyone and everything in the school.  Speak nicely to others.  Obey teachers and other adults on campus.  Use good manners when speaking to others.  Get along with your classmates-  in the classroom and other buildings and  on the playground.  Take care of the school’s and others’ property.

3 Another Rule:  #2  Keep your hands, feet, objects, and mean words to yourself.  No hitting, pinching, kicking, biting, etc.  No fighting or bullying each other.  Do not call each other mean names, or use bad or mean words to others.  Follow the rules of games politely.

4 Another Rule:  #3  Follow all directions the first time you are asked to do something.  Always listen to adults when they are speaking to you.  Do not play or day dream when you should be listing to your teacher.  Sit in listening position unless you are reading or working on something.  Do what adults ask you to do as soon as you are asked to do it.  Do not play with something when you should be following directions.  Do not talk to someone else when you should be listening to an adult.

5 Yet another rule:  #4  Raise your hand for permission to speak and to get out of your seat.  Raise your hand to speak. Use signals to ask permission—especially when Ms. King is teaching. 1 finger up to ask permission to speak 2 fingers up get a new pencil 3 fingers up to get a tissue 4 fingers if you need some help from Ms. King Use the Sign Language hand sign to ask to use the restroom.

6 One more rule:  #5:  Always return your homework on time.  Complete class work and turn it in.

7 Why should we follow the rules?  When we follow the rules of our class, we are happy and successful!  We learn more and have more fun while learning!  School is a safe and pleasant place to be!

8 We will all have a happy school year in second grade because we will follow the class and school rules!

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