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Warm up Describe yourself using only one word. Explain why that word describes you. What makes you happy?

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1 Warm up Describe yourself using only one word. Explain why that word describes you. What makes you happy?

2 Developing Self-awareness cont.
Early motivation is based on Physical needs until later we reach the point to want desire more abstract needs like self-actualization, or being the absolute best you can be. We need to keep in mind of reaching our potential through healthy ways rather than very risky ways like joining a gang.

3 The Hierarchy of Needs This list shows our self-awareness being developed where we start from the bottom as infants and develop these needs as we grow older until we reach the top . . . LEVEL 5: Self-actualization – Desire to reach your best potential. LEVEL 4: Esteem – Feeling the need to achieve and be recognized. LEVEL 3: Belonging – Have the need to love and/or be loved, or to belong. LEVEL 2: Safety – To start wanting to be safe from danger. LEVEL 1: Physical – Begin to satisfy basic needs of hunger, thirst, sleep, and shelter.

4 Developing Self-Awareness
As little kids, we relied on others to take care of us, but as we grow we learn to take care of ourselves. A psychologist named Abraham Maslow created a theory called the hierarchy of needs to show the process and development of self-awareness.

5 Improving self-esteem
Try not to let any kind of criticism effect you. Set realistic goals that you believe you’ll be able to complete.

6 Self-esteem Part of having good mental/emotional health means having a good self-esteem which is one’s self-value, confidence, and respect. Self-esteem can be developed through praise for accomplishment, accomplishing things you didn’t think you could do, and reacting to certain situations. Healthy self-esteems help people have pride in themselves which lets them try new things.

7 Characteristics of good mental/emotional health.
A sense of belonging – feeling close to those around you A sense of purpose – knowing you have value as a person to reach goals Positive outlook – seeing the bright side things Self-sufficiency – being able to be confident in making responsible choices Healthy self-esteem – helps you accept and recover from difficulties and failures

8 What is mental and emotional health?
It’s the ability to accept yourself and others, express and manage emotions, and deal with the demands and challenges you meet in your life. Being mentally/emotionally healthy can improve your physical/social health. Mentally/emotionally healthy people are resilient which means they get used to things easier than others.

9 Developing Personal Identity and Character

10 What is? Personal Identity~ your sense of yourself as a UNIQUE individual Role Model~ someone whose success or behavior SERVES as an example for you Personality~ a complex set of CHARACTERISTIC that makes YOU unique Character~ the distinctive qualities that describe how a person THINKS, FEELS, and BEHAVES Integrity~ a firm observance of CORE ETHICAL values Constructive Criticism~ NONHOSTILE comments that points out problems and encourage IMPROVEMENT

DESCRIBES WHO YOU ARE Depends a LOT on your age and circumstances Some are UNIQUE, identity development is one of the most important tasks you will accomplish during your teenage years Formed by recognizing your LIKES and DISLIKES, and relationships and experiences FRIENDS and FAMILY influence your personal identity Identity can and will change as your grow older, but you will also struggle #thestruggle

12 Importance of good characters
CHARACTER PLAYS A SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN YOUR DECISIONS , ACTIONS, AND BEHAVIOR Good character is an outward expression of inner values, it’s VITAL part of healthy identity Good character=core ethical values such as: responsibility, honesty, and respect Six traits are used to describe good character Trustworthiness Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship Respect


14 Working toward a positive identity
YOU CAN DEVELOP A HEALTHY IDENTITY YOU control who you become As you mature you’ll make more personal choices and decisions MUST recognize your STRENGHTS and WEAKNESS Practice good character=build positive identity Sense of purpose helps you set goals and work to achieve them Short term and long term goals

-Happiness -Sadness -Love -Fear -Guilt -Anger Hormones-chemicals produced by your glands that regulate the activities of different body cells -affects your emotions

16 Dealing with Emotions in Positive Ways
Empathy-ability to imagine and understand how someone else feels Emotions are private Some deal with it in harmful ways

17 Responding to Difficult Emotions
Common Defense Mechanism Repression. Involuntarily pushing unpleasant feelings out of one’s mind. Regression. Returning to behaviors characteristics of a younger age, rather than dealing with problem in a mature manner. Denial. Unconscious lack of recognition of something that’s obvious to others Projection. Attributing to your own feelings of faults to another person or group Suppression. Consciously and intentionally pushing unpleasant feelings out of one’s mind Rationalization. Making excuses to explain a situation or behavior , rather than taking responsibility for it Compensation. Making up for weaknesses and mistakes through gift giving, handwork, or extreme efforts

18 Video

19 Quiz time! Give an example of a good and bad role model.
T or F: people can control who you are. What are the six traits used to describe a good character? Write an example of a constructive criticism. What are some characteristics of good mental/emotional health? How can someone develop good self-esteem? What are some benefits of good self-esteem? What are some positive ways to express emotions? How do hormones affect emotions? How is developing a purpose for your life helpful?

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