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2 General Information First 10 Amendments to the Constitution
Ratified in 1791 Essential component of LIMITED GOVERNMENT in the United States. (Takes power from the government and gives it to the people) Who would want a bill of rights added to the constitution?

3 The FIRST Amendment Protects 5 basic freedoms Freedom of RELIGION
Freedom of SPEECH Freedom of the PRESS Freedom of ASSEMBLY Freedom to PETITION the government

4 The SECOND Amendment Guarantees the right to BEAR ARMS

5 The THIRD Amendment The National Government can never ask Americans to QUARTER soldiers

6 The FOURTH Amendment Protects against unreasonable searches and seizures

7 The FIFTH Amendment deals with the rights of accused criminals by providing for due process of law, forbidding double jeopardy, and preventing self-incrimination. (right to remain silent)

8 The SIXTH Amendment Guarantees additional rights to people accused of crimes, including the rights to: Be told the charges against you A speedy and public trial by a jury Confront your accusers Call witnesses in your behalf Have a lawyer

9 The SEVENTH Amendment Guarantees the right to a jury trial in civil cases

10 The EIGHTH Amendment Forbids “excessive” bail and “CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS”

11 The NINTH Amendment Rights not mentioned in the constitution belong to the people.

12 The TENTH Amendment Maintains that powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved for the states

13 Scenario – All order and no freedom.
Imagine a society in which everything you do – from how you dress to what you eat to who you hang out with – is determined by the state. Police are everywhere, and there is essentially no crime. But individual expression does not exist. What are the chief advantages and disadvantages of this type of social arrangement?

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