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Anatomy of a Reading Response

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1 Anatomy of a Reading Response

2 paper format

3 heading page # title 1” margin double spaced

4 Your name Teacher name double spaced Course name date

5 centered No extra space above No extra space below no bold face no italics no underlining

6 right justified last name page number no comma between elements;
no # sign

7 introduction

8 Author’s full name introduction Title of text thesis

9 expresses the main point of the essay
makes an argument expresses the main point of the essay offers an original idea Gives direction to rest of essay

10 body paragraph

11 connects back to the thesis
Topic sentence makes a point connects back to the thesis explains the focus of paragraph

12 paraphrase Supporting evidence summary quotation

13 Connects back to thesis
paragraph conclusion Synthesizes points Connects back to thesis

14 quotation

15 quotation quotation quotation quotation

16 close quotes parentheses punctuation citation citation citation citation

17 integrates quote into surrounding writing

18 notes speaker and location of quote
explains context follows-up on quote introduces quote connects to thesis interprets the meaning

19 conclusion

20 Synthesizes main points
Conclusion Synthesizes main points Restates thesis Gives reader something to think about

21 Does NOT repeat what has already been said
Does NOT leave the reader asking “so what?” Does NOT introduce a whole new train of thought

22 works cited

23 MLA bibliographic form
title Double spaced MLA bibliographic form Alphabetized entries

24 “I think” “I feel”

25 “really”

26 Comma splice

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