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NPRR 219 & Outage Scheduler Enhancement Workshop April 28, 2014.

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1 NPRR 219 & Outage Scheduler Enhancement Workshop April 28, 2014

2 Antitrust Admonition ERCOT strictly prohibits market participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate antitrust laws. The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for Members of ERCOT Committees, subcommittees and working groups to be reviewed and followed by each market participant attending ERCOT meetings. 2

3 Workshop Agenda Antitrust Admonition and Roll Call Workshop Logistics and Objectives NPRR 219 Update Open Session for OS Enhancements OS Enhancements Currently under Review Next Steps Q & A 3

4 Workshop Logistics Make sure you sign-in For those that are on site, a sign in sheet has been provided near the door Those on the phone, please type into the WebEx chat your name and anyone else that is with you During the requirements portion of the workshop, those that are on the phone, may provide feedback through the WebEx Chat or sending an email to Monica at 4

5 Workshop Objectives Inform Market Participants of current status of NPRR219 Conduct open session to solicit additional enhancements from Market Participants Discuss Outage Scheduler Enhancements currently under review 5

6 NPRR 219 Status NPRR219 is currently grey-boxed in the Protocols. Resource Entity-owned Transmission Facilities should be entered by the Resource Entity. Today, ERCOT enters these on behalf of the Resource Entity. An Impact Analysis has been completed that put the cost of implementing NPRR219 at ~$390k. Benefits are under review. 6

7 Outage Scheduler Enhancement Session 7

8 OS Enhancements Under Review The following categories of Outage Scheduler enhancements currently under review pertain to: Outage Submittal Filter/Query Requests Outage Reporting Outage Scheduler Usability Other Enhancements Parking Lot 8

9 OS Enhancements – Outage Submittals 1.Provide notification to TSPs of RE-Owned transmission facility outages within the TSP area entered on behalf of the RE or entered directly by the RE 2.Allow TSPs to make entries for RE-Owned transmission facilities during Forced outages, which would require notification to the RE. 3.Allow the ability to end and restart the same Transmission outage in the event it has to be returned to service, per ERCOT’s request due to reliability issues, before the work is completed. 9

10 OS Enhancements – Outage Submittals 4.For Grouped Outages Increase the numbers of elements allowed in a Group(currently 30) Allow Planned Reoccurring Group Outages Allow addition of elements to a Group until the outage is in Study or Approved status. 5.Expand the Notes Fields (by default) 6.For a Forced Outage have the Actual Start default to the current date date. 7.Associate Outages with planning bus numbers 10

11 OS Enhancements – Outage Submittals 8.Allow the option of manual entry of Planned Start and Planned End times in addition to having a pull down calendar. 9.Energization of New Equipment/Retirement of Old Equipment Outages may only be extended one time. Revise to allow extending more than once. 10.For Opportunity Outages Extend the 90 day automatic expiration limit Issue a warning message prior to expiration 11

12 OS Enhancements – Outage Submittals 11.Nature of Work Categories Add: Outage Under Investigation Breaker Repair/Replace Wireless/Cell Work (Telecommunications) Third Party Requests (other TOs, TSPs, CREZ Related, Highway dept, etc.) Resolving the defect that creates “Unknown” 12

13 OS Enhancements – Filter/Query 1.Allow the Ability to : Filter by TSP/TO area, Owner or Operator. Filter by Voltage level Filter for outages on equipment entities operate, but may not own. Search by Station name only (no Requesting or Operating Company required) Search by Resource entities & Station Name 2.Filtering for wide date ranges takes a long time - can this be shortened/fixed? 13

14 OS Enhancements – Filter/Query 3.Prevent Out of Service Equipment from showing up when Filtering 4.Provide the capability to view Group Outages and related outages as a single line entry 14

15 OS Enhancements – Outage Summaries 1.Provide notification to TSPs of RE-Owned transmission facility outages within the TSP area entered on behalf of the RE or entered directly by the RE 2.In the CSV export, have the date/time formatted in mm/dd/yyyy HH:MI. 15

16 OS Enhancements – Other Enhancements 1.Upon Outage Submittal, generate and make available, either by Filtering or in a new field, the date/time that "ERCOT shall approve or reject no later than" as outlined in Protocol 16

17 OS Enhancements – Other Enhancements 2.Provide access to an OS data audit trail which captures: Entity submitting, changing, cancelling, editing, etc. any OS data Every submittal and change time-stamped with the digital certificate ID of the person/entity making the change Searchable Data Retention period of at least three years 17

18 Next Steps By May 2: ERCOT will consolidate all requirements into a single document and post on this meeting’s web page By May 19: Market Participants will send the requirements list to ERCOT reflecting their company’s priority of each requirement to : Requirements should be assigned a unique prioritization (1 through the number of requirements in the list) This prioritized list may also include requirements not discussed in the workshop, but please identify them as such New requirements may also be submitted to ERCOT at By May 26: ERCOT will consolidate the prioritized list and post to the meeting’s web page: LINKLINK Late May: ERCOT may schedule a follow-up workshop if further discussion or clarification is required 18

19 NPRR219 & OS Enhancement Workshop Thank You

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