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Brain Jogger Give me the Governments of the following countries: India

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1 Brain Jogger Give me the Governments of the following countries: India
China Japan Federal Republic Communist State Constitutional Monarchy

2 Brain Jogger OPEC is an organization of countries that come together for the purpose of controlling the supply of oil around the world. Which of the following is this an example of? Federal Government Unitary Government Confederation Government Democratic Government

3 Brain Jogger What are the two forms of Democracy?
What is the major difference that these two forms have with voting?

4 Governments of Asia Voting Age 20 India China Japan Type of Government
Federal Republic Communist State constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government Main Leader(s) (Pres., Premier, P.M.) President Prime Minister Premier Emperor (no power) Branches of Government (Executive, legislative, Judicial) E: President, P.M. L: Parliament-Sansad J: Supreme Court E: President, Premier L: National People’s Congress J: Supreme People’s Court E: L: Parliament- Diet J: Supreme Court Voting Age 18 18 – Only get to vote for local officials 20

5 Questions for Governments
How is the power distributed? How do the citizens participate in government? What are the different forms of democracy?

6 Distribution of Power Unitary: Government held by one power
Confederation: independent states coming together for a single goal. (protection, trade, etc.) Federal: government that has power given to local and central authorities.

7 Unitary Government

8 Confederation Government

9 Federal Government

10 What is the citizen’s role?
This is a basic question that we must look at when understanding a country’s government.

11 Autocracy A single person has complete power.

12 Oligarchy Very few people have complete power.

13 Democracy The control is put in the hands of the citizens.

14 Oligarchy Autocracy Democracy
Organize the three government types by how many people get to make decisions: ____________ The most people 2. ____________ A few people 3. ____________ One person Democracy Oligarchy Autocracy

15 Types of Democracy Presidential Democracy
or Parliamentary Democracy (there is not just one flavor of soda)

16 Presidential Democracy
Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch President – Elected by the people Senators-Elected by the people. Representatives-Elected by the people. Supreme Justices-Appointed by President and confirmed by the legislative branch In all these position, the people are elect their representative.

17 Parliamentary Democracy
Legislature The power of the government is not divided into branches. The members of the legislature are elected by the people. The party that has control of the legislature selects the prime minister. The legislature is given the “supreme” power of government by the people. The people do not get to elect the prime minister.

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