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1 REPUBLIC OF TURKEY PRIME MINISTRY UNDERSECRETARIAT OF FOREIGN TRADE General Directorate of Standardization for Foreign Trade Presented by Selin ÖZŞAHİN.

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1 1 REPUBLIC OF TURKEY PRIME MINISTRY UNDERSECRETARIAT OF FOREIGN TRADE General Directorate of Standardization for Foreign Trade Presented by Selin ÖZŞAHİN November 22, 2004 - GENEVA

2 2 CONTENTS OF THE PRESENTATION Turkey’s Harmonisation Process - Legal Basis - The Role of the Undesecretariat of Foreign Trade Developments between 1997 - 2002 Developments between 2002 - 2004 What remains to be done?

3 3 HARMONISATION PROCESS The legal basis: Association Council Decision 95/1 Association Council Decision 97/2 Accession Partnership Document

4 4 HARMONISATION PROCESS The Role of UFT: Transposition of horizontal EU legislation. Coordination of the harmonization of vertical EU legislation by relevant public authorities.

5 5 DEVELOPMENTS FROM 1997 TO 2002: Identification of the responsible authorities and the coordinating unit Establishment of Turkey’s Accreditation Council Publication of the Framework Law and its implementing Regulations

6 6...DEVELOPMENTS FROM 1997 TO 2002: The Law No: 4703 on the Preparation and Implementation of Technical Legislation on Products (The Framework Law) entered into force on 11 January 2002. It constitutes the legal basis for the establishment of standardization and quality system parallel to that of the EU.

7 7 IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS OF THE FRAMEWORK LAW Regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection of Products, Regulation on the Affixing and Use of the CE Conformity Marking on Products, Regulation on Conformity Assessment Bodies and Notified Bodies Regulation on the Exchange of Information on Technical Legislation and Standards between Turkey and the EU.

8 8 MARKET SURVEILLANCE AND INSPECTION OF THE PRODUCTS The Market Surveillance Coordination Board of Turkey was established in 2002. The aim of this Board is to work on coordinating the establishment of a market surveillance system in Turkey parallel to that in EU

9 9 EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION ON TECHNICAL LEGISLATION AND STANDARDS Turkey is the first candidate county to the EU to be a part of this notification mechanism in a simplified manner as of May 2002.

10 10 DEVELOPMENTS FROM 2002 TO 2004 Regulation Market Surveillance Notified Bodies Standardization Accreditation

11 11 Public authorities continue to harmonize vertical legislation. 262 directives have been published. 196 directives have entered into force. REGULATION Out of 560 Directives (List of 2/97 ACD and legislation under the title Free Movement of Goods of the 2001 NP is taken as the basis)

12 12 21 out of 23 EU New Approach Directives have been transposed and published in Turkey. REGULATION 18 of them have entered into force.

13 13 Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment Telecommunication Authority Recreational craft Undersecretariat for Maritime Personal protective equipment Ministry of Labor and Social Security Construction products Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Active implantable medical devices, Medical devices, In vitro diagnostic medical devices, Toys Ministry of Health Low voltage equipment, Simple pressure vessels, Gas appliances, Hot water boilers, Electromagnetic compatibility, Machinery, Civil explosives, Non-automatic weighing instruments, Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, Lifts, Household electric refrigerators, freezers and combinations, Pressure equipment, Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors, Energy efficiency requirements for ballast for fluorescent lighting, Cableway installations designed to carry persons. Ministry of Industry and Trade EU NEW APPROACH DIRECTIVESAUTHORITY RESPONSIBLE OF HARMONIZATION

14 14

15 15 MARKET SURVEILLANCE The Regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection of Products lays down the principles and procedures for the surveillance and inspection of the conformity of products with the relevant technical regulations. Public authorities responsible for regulating and implementing technical regulations are also responsible for conducting market surveillance.

16 16 NOTIFIED BODIES Ministry of Industry and Trade designated two Notified Bodies for 6 product groups: Pressure Equipment, Transportable Pressure Equipment, Simple Pressure Vessels, Hot Water Boilers, Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels, Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments. Ministry of Public Works and Settlement has designated one Notified Body for Construction Products.

17 17 The designated notified bodies which have been notified to the EU Commision by Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade, will operate after they receive an identification number from the Commission.

18 18 STANDARDISATION The Turkish Standards Institute is a public agency operating independently from governmental organisations. The TSE is a full member of the ISO and the IEC; it is also an affiliate member of the CEN and CENELEC.

19 19 ACCREDITATION TURKAK is the public agency responsible for accrediting domestic and foreign bodies,ensuring that they carry out laboratory, certification, and inspection services in conformity with national and international standards. TURKAK is a full member of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (ECA), and an associate member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

20 20 WHAT REMAINS TO BE DONE? The work on infrastructure building for market surveillance activites will carry on with the same efforts. The efforts to continue to train market surveillance inspectors and raise awareness to ensure all the stakeholders are informed about market surveillance.

21 21...WHAT REMAINS TO BE DONE? The draft Regulation transposing Council Regulation 339/93/EC on checks for conformity with the rules on product safety in the case of products imported from third countries will be published in the near future. Law 4703 will be amended in order to reflect the provisions of the new product safety directive 2001/95/EC.

22 22...WHAT REMAINS TO BE DONE? CEN is expected to begin and conclude its assessment of the designated Turkish notified bodies before June 2005. The Draft Regulation on the exchange of Information on National Measures Derogating from the principle of free movement of goods between the EU and Turkey transposing the Council Decision 3052/95/EC will be adopted.

23 23 TÜRKAK will finalise its preparations for signing Multilateral Agrrements (MLAs)....WHAT REMAINS TO BE DONE? TSE will continue its efforts to become a full- member to CEN and CENELEC.


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