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The Steps of the Writing Process - Creating a class newsletter.

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1 The Steps of the Writing Process - Creating a class newsletter

2 The Writing Process Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing

3 Prewriting (Planning) Why do we prewrite? What are examples?

4 Drafting How do we get from our prewriting to drafting?

5 Revising Step outside the box!

6 Editing Is it correct?

7 Publishing What are some ways we publish?

8 The Class Newsletter

9 What is news?

10 Ideas Informative article about new teachers Opinion article about cross teaming Opinion article about how 7 th is different Informative article about tips to be successful this year Informative article about KBRA Reading Program Contest Brief overview of upcoming events Explanatory article about new dress code, discipline policy, cell phone policy

11 Ideas, continued Poetry related to summer ending/school beginning or the seasons changing Short fictional story centered around a student at school Horse Mania Interview fall sport coaches about the upcoming season Explanatory article about clubs/ club schedule Explanatory article about recycling club (Mr. Weis) Political cartoon (opinion related to school)

12 Timeline Monday - Choose topics and plan Tuesday – Have planning approved and complete process sheet Wednesday – Draft (interviews if needed) Thursday – Draft and Revise/Edit Friday – Publish (type) and submit electronically to me for layouting/formatting

13 Remember! Remember! The POINT of this newsletter is to REVIEW and PRACTICE the Steps of the Writing Process…. So….ALL steps MUST be used for all pieces and you will turn in your planning and rough draft with revising/editing marks on it, and of course, your final copy will be submitted electronically through email or by a jump drive.

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