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My profile.

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1 My profile

2 Sonia Niedbalska I’m 18 years old I go to school My familie is big
My friend is Marta Hobby

3 School My school is situated in Mysłowice. The name of the school is August Hlond

4 Famillie I have got 2 brothers( Mariusz & Michał) and 2 sisters( Kasia & Beata) . My boyfriend is Rafał. I’m and Rafał Kasia My mum

5 Friend Marta: She is18 years old I and Marta go to school number 3.
We like singing. We like the polish band „verba” We don’t like mathematic

6 Hobby Singing and dancing Football
I like Britney Spears and Verba and Ruch Chorzów (polish team football) I, Tita and Syla

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