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DNARNA Protein synthesis Not like the other Mix DNA Questions $10 $20 $30 $40 $50 DNA Jeopardy.

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1 DNARNA Protein synthesis Not like the other Mix DNA Questions $10 $20 $30 $40 $50 DNA Jeopardy

2 If one side of the DNA strand is GTAATC, the other side will be this

3 Answer What is Cattag?

4 A DNA strand Has this shape

5 Answer Double helix

6 The two side of the DNA molecule are held together by these

7 Answer Hydrogen bonds

8 The process of making a new DNA molecule from an old one

9 Answer Replication

10 A DNA nucleotide is made of these three parts

11 Answer What are Deoxyribose sugar, Phosphate and Nitrogeneous base (accept sugar, phosphate and base)

12 This base chemical is only found in RNA

13 Answer What is Uracil (also accept just u)

14 Double JEAPORDY

15 A molecule of RNA has this shape

16 Double JEAPORDY single helix or one strand

17 The type of rna that is formed from one side of the dna code

18 Answer What is Messenger rna? (also accept mrna)

19 Carried by t-rna, these chemicals will end up being put together to make proteins

20 Answer Amino Acids

21 The part of the cell that is producing RNA

22 Answer What is the nucleolus?

23 If the dna code being used is atgc, The t-rna code will be this

24 Answer What is Augc?

25 The place in the cell where proteins are made

26 Answer What is the ribosome?

27 The instructions to make the protein are in this molecule

28 Answer DNA

29 A three-letter codon is made from m-rna, but it’s anticodon is made from this

30 Answer T-rna?

31 Also called polypeptides, there are made by attaching amino acids together

32 Answer proteins

33 The process of turning the dna code into a protein

34 Answer What is Translation?

35 Which does not belong? Adenine Uracil Guanine phosphate

36 Answer phosphate (it is not one of the bases in dna or rna)

37 T-rna Z-rna R-rna M-rna Which does not belong?

38 Answer What is z-rna? (not a type of rna molecule)

39 How was not involve in the discovery of the DNA structure Watson Crick Hooke Franklin

40 Answer Hooke (not a dna scientist)

41 Duplication Transcription Translation replication Which does not belong?

42 Answer Duplication (not a cell process)

43 Base Phosphate Sugar codon Which does not belong?

44 Answer Codon (not a part of a nucleotide)

45 What is the sugar called in DNA?

46 Answer Deoxyribos

47 Which type of RNA resembles a “T” shape

48 Answer tRNA

49 What is the first step of DNA replication

50 Answer DNA “unzips”

51 Pyrimidines have a structure with how many rings

52 Answer One

53 The process of using DNA to make mRNA is called

54 Answer Transcription

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