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Possessive nouns.

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1 Possessive nouns

2 A singular possessive noun shows ownership by one person or thing.
Add ‘s to a singular noun to make it possessive.  Singular possessive noun examples: the Earth Dragon’s anger Mrs. Moore’s book In class practice: the mother of Cody = Cody’s mom the phone of Fallon = Fallon’s phone the children of Jess = Jess’s children

3 A plural possessive noun shows ownership by more than one person or thing.
When a plural noun ends with s, add only an apostrophe to make it possessive. When a plural noun does not end in s, add an apostrophe and s to make it possessive. Plural possessive noun examples: the dragons’ caves the men’s stories In class practice: the wings of the birds = birds’ wings computers of the children = children’s computers

4 Practice time! View the slideshow. On a piece of paper or dry erase board, write the possessive nouns. Then click to check your answer!

5 The eye of the tiger tiger’s eye

6 The eyes of the tigers tigers’ eyes

7 Books belonging to Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Moore’s books

8 hands of people people’s hands

9 Toy of the cats cats’ toys

10 Lunch of the boy the boy’s lunch

11 The car of the family family's car

12 The daycare of Kaden Kaden's daycare

13 The decision of the teachers
teachers’ decision

14 Jeremy’s favorite food
The favorite food of Jeremy Jeremy’s favorite food

15 The shoes of the men The men’s shoes

16 The favorite food of the kids

17 The cards of the students The students’ cards

18 The feathers of the geese The geese’s feathers

19 The coats of the people people’s coats

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