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The Respiratory System

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1 The Respiratory System
JH-KEADLE The Respiratory System

2 Functions The respiratory system moves oxygen from the outside environment into the body. It also removes carbon dioxide and water from the body.

3 Organs Air travels in and out of the organs of the respiratory system;
nose pharynx larynx trachea bronchi lungs bronchioles alveoli


5 vocabulary word! respiration – the transport of oxygen from outside the body to cells and tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide and wastes away from cells and to the environment.

6 Why do we Breathe? vocabulary word! cellular respiration - (break down of glucose for energy) requires oxygen as a reactant. Respiration also produces water and carbon dioxide which can leave the body through the lungs

7 The Air You Breathe The air you breathe comes from the atmosphere
21% oxygen 78% nitrogen 1% other gases Your body does not use most of the air you inhale What you don’t need is exhaled

8 The Path of Air As air moves the organs, it is warmed, moistened, and bacteria and other small particles are removed.

9 In the nose … Air is warmed
Nose hair filters dust and other small things out. Mucus also traps small particles, dust, and bacteria.


11 the pharynx vocabulary word! pharynx - (throat) is a long hollow tube that connects the nose to the trachea.

12 the larynx vocabulary word! larynx – part of the throat where the vocal cords are located.

13 the trachea vocabulary word! trachea - connects the pharynx to the bronchi. It is lined with mucus and small hairs that trap particles. You can feel the ridges of the trachea by running your finger down your neck

14 bronchi bronchi - passages that direct air into the lungs.
vocabulary word! bronchi - passages that direct air into the lungs. Left bronchus goes to the left lung Right bronchus goes into the right lung

15 the lungs vocabulary word! lungs - The main organs of the respiratory system that provide oxygen to the body. The bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli are all inside the lungs.


17 bronchioles vocabulary word! bronchioles - smaller branches that come off of the bronchi.

18 alveoli vocabulary word! alveoli - smallest structure in the lungs where gas exchange takes place between the lungs and the blood. The walls of the alveoli are very thin which allows the gases to diffuse back and forth.


20 Gas Exchange After air enters the alveoli, oxygen passes through the wall of the alveoli, into the capillary that surrounds it , then into the artery headed to the heart. At the same time, carbon dioxide and water pass from the vein into the capillary, then into the alveoli where they are exhaled.

21 Gas Exchange alveoli

22 diaphragm – dome-shaped muscle below the lungs that causes us to inhale and exhale.
vocabulary word!

23 How You Breathe You breathe on average 20,000 times a day
Breathing speeds up when you exercise Breathing slows down when you are asleep Both involuntary and voluntary muscles and nervous system helps you breathe

24 Speaking Inside your trachea are vocal cords
Vocal cords stretch across the opening Your vocal cords work like the neck of a balloon when it is stretched Air passes over the vocal cords, making them vibrate which produces sound Low – vocal cords contract & shorten High – vocal cords relax & lengthen

25 Body systems that work with the respiratory system;
muscular system to pull air into the lungs circulatory system to carry the oxygen in and carbon dioxide out digestive system to provide energy

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