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©Christian Willoch, SWOT – analysis ©Christian Willoch,

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1 ©Christian Willoch,
SWOT – analysis ©Christian Willoch,

2 ©Christian Willoch,
Why use SWOT? It’s an analytical approach Addresses both internal and external factors Maximize potential: Our strengths Opportunities in the market Minimize risk: Our weaknesses Threats in the market ©Christian Willoch,

3 ©Christian Willoch,
SWOT – model Internal factors Strengths Weaknesses Activity Activity Strenghts Opportunities Weaknesses Opportunities SO-analysis WO-analysis Opportunities External factors Strengths Threats Weaknesses Threats ST-analysis WT-analysis Threats Activity Activity ©Christian Willoch,

4 Method – step 1: Examine strenghts and weaknesses internally
Internal factors Strenghts Weaknesses What are our advantages? What are we good at? What would our competitors mention? What resources do we have? What should we improve? What are we bad at? What should we avoid? ©Christian Willoch,

5 ©Christian Willoch,
Method – step 2: Examine opportunities and threats in the market (external) External factors Opportunities Threats What obvious opportunites do you detect? What interesting trends do you observe? What obstacles do you see? What do our competitors do? Any changes in the market that threaten our position? ©Christian Willoch,

6 Method – step 3: SO – analysis
SO options Opportunities Strengths Internal factors External factors On what areas can we use our strenghts to exploit opportunities in the market? ©Christian Willoch,

7 Method – step 4: ST – analysis
ST options Threats Strengths Internal factors External factors On what areas can we use our strengths to reduce the threats from the market? ©Christian Willoch,

8 Method – step 5: WO – analysis
WO options Opportunities Weaknesses Internal factors External factors What opportunities are there in the market that we are not capable to take (yet)? ©Christian Willoch,

9 Method – step 6: WT – analysis
WT options Threats Weaknesses Internal factors External factors How do we avoid that our weaknesses are exposed to the threats in the market? ©Christian Willoch,

10 ©Christian Willoch,
Summary Make a list of strengths and weaknesses in your organization. Brainstorming! Create a list of opportunities and threats in the market. Brainstorming! Pick the relevant links between internal and external factors. Analyse the links: Strengths  Opportunities in the market SO-analysis Strengths  Threats in the market ST-analysis Weaknesses  Opportunities in the market WO-analysis Weaknesses  Threats in the market WT-analysis Maksimum 3 options per. part-analysis. 5. Link activities to these analysis ©Christian Willoch,

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