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Leeds Metropolitan University

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1 Leeds Metropolitan University
Individual Reflective Profile Log Raising achievement, developing knowledge, focussing on understanding, capturing learning and above all, enhancing confidence: a process of learning and teaching to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and understanding. Planning for Learning Dr. John Connell Leeds Metropolitan University


3 Aim The main aim of the research is to ascertain the effectiveness of teaching and learning using a relatively simple means of assessment, the: ‘Individual Reflective Profile Log’ (IRPL).

4 Objectives Outline current literature utilising reflective practice as a tool for assessment and learning. The IRPL as a means of formative assessment. Methodology - Construction of the research design: Questionnaire Semi structured interviews – individual and focus group Analysis Findings Next steps

5 Literature TDA 2007:Q7 p8 Schön (1987, 1983) Moon (2004, 1999)
Dewey (1933) Schön (1987, 1983) Moon (2004, 1999) Fisher (2003) Prior and Crossouard (2008 Leijen et al (2008) Ulrich (2009) Regmi (2009)

6 IRPL So What is this?


8 Methodology Construction of the research design: Questionnaire
Semi structured interviews – individual and focus group

9 IRPL - Fact The students’ record in writing the presented information experienced in the lecture, this involved the fact (what was taught). Students we would expect to make notes on the lecture or even do follow up reading. Some do, the IRPL is a means by which the articulation of factual information is rewarded.


11 IRPL - Feeling The students then have the opportunity to write their feelings (personal reflections) about what was taught. The recording of personal feelings can be quite private and there is a need to recognise this and the confidentiality attached to individual student’s perceptions of different occurrences.


13 IRPL - Application The application of what was taught in the lecture (how this information can be used in other situations). The application is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate their personal understanding of what was taught by suggesting ways in which they might apply the variety of themes to different teaching situations. The articulation of the students’ thoughts provides further opportunities to discuss the theory and practice of the lecture.


15 IRPL - Evidence The final section of the IRPL is the evidence (supporting work of other authors’ opinions). For students to fully engage in the theory and practice of the lecture and enhance the academic rigour attached to the work there is a need to support their beliefs with authored evidence. The importance of this section to the IRPL is the research, reading and referencing of supporting evidence



18 Findings





23 Next Steps Original submission Formative feedback – feedforward – MP3
Criteria for assessment Student lead research to focus on understanding Self evaluation Student centred learning and teaching Results so far



26 Self Evaluation At the end of each lecture the students complete their own self evaluation related to participation in the lecture. Choreography Performance Application Effort

27 Conclusions


29 Any Questions ? Thank you

30 Leeds Metropolitan University
Dr. John Connell Leeds Metropolitan University

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