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I cant quite believe how far Ive come – I think Ive finally found my career choice: what makes a good placement? Dr Tina Byrom; Dr David Hindley; Steve.

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1 I cant quite believe how far Ive come – I think Ive finally found my career choice: what makes a good placement? Dr Tina Byrom; Dr David Hindley; Steve Wheelhouse; James Lake; Ian Wakefield; Marco Bardino; Rebecca Parkin; Arjun Chawda; Rebecca Dyer; Rebecca Walton; Will Crossley; Sophie Spencer; Chris Kay; Kirstie Woolley; Jaisal Patel; Sinead OGrady; Cyndy Hawkins; Pauline Smith

2 Definitions 25 April 20142 Placements now take many different forms and the term itself can be somewhat misleading … whilst many institutions facilitate the contact of students and employers, to a greater or lesser extent most take the view that it is the students own responsibility to locate and secure employment, as it provides good experience for after university (Herbert and Rothwell, 2005:16). Within universities, work placements frequently take two forms: either learning for work, common in professional courses, or learning through work, associated with experiential learning (Hardwick, 2012:3).

3 25 April 20143 Embedding Placement/s BA (Hons) Business and Educational Development (NX13) BA (Hons) Psychology and Educational Development (CX83) BA (Hons) Psychology, Business and Education (CX8H) BA (Hons) Psychology and Special & Inclusive Education (XC38) BA (Hons) Special and Inclusive Education and Educational Development (X391) BA (Hons) Sport & Leisure, Psychology and Education (XC3V) BA (Hons) Sport & Leisure and Educational Development (CX63) BA (Hons) Sport & Leisure and Special & Inclusive Education (CX6H) BA (Hons) Sport & Leisure, Business and Education (X392) BA (Hons) Early Years, Psychology and Education (CX8J) BA (Hons) Early Years and Educational Development (XX23) BA (Hons) Early Years and Special & Inclusive Education (XX21) BA Early Years, Business and Education (XN31)

4 25 April 20144 Academic Perspective 1. Demonstrate evidence of the ability to compare personal experiences and beliefs about the work of the host organisation with those derived from theory and from evidence gathered at and from the organisation. 2. Exercise appropriate judgement in negotiating, planning, carrying out and evaluating a small scale investigation. 3. Research, analyse and evaluate a range of information. 4. Communicate effectively through reflection and written investigation.

5 Current Structure 25 April 20145 Generic study skills plus specialism Placement Research project

6 Growing Emphasis on Work Based Learning 25 April 20146 Work-based learning has become an increasingly salient feature of the higher education landscape in recent years (Dalrymple, Kemp and Smith, 2012:1). Placements are recognised for their impact on learning and employability by a range of stakeholders, including industry, government, universities and students (Sophie, Sturre, Von Treuer and Feenstra, 2010:222).

7 Alignment with Higher Education Courses 25 April 20147 With the increasing prevalence of WBL programmes in higher education, there is a demonstrable need to evolve new pedagogic models to support facilitators and participants in conceptualising and developing practice (Dalrymple, Kemp and Smith, 2012:3).

8 Post Revalidation Structure 25 April 20148 Year 1 Year 3 Year 2 Subject Strand 1Subject Strand 2Core 2 20 credit modules OR 1 40 credit module 2 20 credit modules OR 1 40 credit module (Specialisms – accreditation and/or employability skills) Subject Strand 1Subject Strand 2Core 2 20 credit modules 1 20 credit module (Optional) 1 20 credit module (6 week placement) Subject Strand 1Subject Strand 2Core 2 20 credit modules OR 1 40 credit module 2 20 credit modules OR 1 40 credit module (capstone project) OR (placement)

9 Benefits of a placement Marco Bardino – Talent Acquisition Manager

10 Why do a placement? Develop commercial awareness Build your profile Demonstrate skills Earn money Apply your learning Try before you buy

11 Benefits of doing a placement with Enterprise Hands on practical experience Development of employability skills Management Trainee/Placement salary Part-time employment during final year of university Job offer onto the Graduate Scheme when you finish Fast – track to management level!!

12 What is a management trainee? Entry-level position with a career path. Promotion 100% from within Learning all aspects of running a business *sales *customer service *management *finance *human resources *marketing *administration *fleet management/logistics Be creative–implement your ideas–BE YOURSELF!

13 Career Path How Fast You Progress Is Truly Up to You! General Manager/ Vice President Regional Vice President Regional Rental Manager Area Manager Branch Manager Assistant Manager Management Assistant Management Trainee

14 Any Questions? To Apply online or find out more information, please visit our website: Marco Bardino Regional Talent Acquisition Manager Enterprise Rent-A-Car East Midlands/South Yorkshire Region 0115 921 8944 Direct Line


16 Student Experiences: Process I contacted a local school and was able to arrange an interview Placement was arranged easy at my local secondary school in their Special Ed department. Doing it early is the key - it removes the stress Very stressful - bit more guidance could have been offered as it was totally left up to us. But organisations found to be relatively helpful when they eventually replied to emails and phone calls I wrote a letter to the organisations then followed it up with a visit to ask if I could arrange a placement at the one I wanted to visit It was hard as I wanted to do it in a school and most of them already had people and didn't want to take any more students Pretty much just emailed as many sport delivering institutions that I knew of, e.g. Nottingham Forest, Notts County, Cosmo Soccer Academy. Also would have liked to do my placement within my secondary school but they said I should look for experiences elsewhere. Would have loved to do a placement with the Police force but at the time because of the craziness of the recession and job losses, they couldn't promise any meaningful work. 25 April 201416

17 Student Experiences: Experience The placement actually made me decide what age level I want to teach as I am going on to a PGCE next year. I gained a lot of confidence and skills working with others in a team I gained a insight to a different life style which I had very little knowledge about and it made me gain a lot of respect for the people I worked with. It made me realise I want to help individuals in later life rather than working with children 100% that was not where I wanted to work and it was clear that working at a preschool/nursery was definitely not for me Everything. Had no idea what I wanted to be when I finished uni but now I have a clearer idea and the placement has really pushed me to develop as many skills as possible and is facilitating my learning of becoming a football coach. Helping get experience and making it really easy! Encouraged me to do the coaching course which I am now doing A sense that I will be OK in the wider world. Project management skills 25 April 201417

18 Student Experiences: Gains Yes, as it has helped me to decide what i would like to do in the future as a career Yes as it highlighted the other things you dont think about when looking for future careers - actually doing the job gives you insight Yes because it made me decide what I wanted to do in the future. It also allowed me to generate skills that I can develop at university I think it has helped me in a future career but maybe not with my degree. Yes, the experience was important to my development as it has given me a good step on the right path to progress further in my intended career plans Definitely because I know now that I do not want to work in this environment with staff or children this young Yes. Without this experience, I wouldn't have been in the position I am in, where I am ready to apply for PGCEs and post graduate teaching courses I feel that my placement has helped me work out what jobs I don't want to do after my degree, and also think that it has helped me show confidence 25 April 201418

19 Alternative Final Year Projects 25 April 201419 Competency Based Assessment? Working with OthersDelivering ResultsFocusing on the Future Team workingMaking informed decisions Entrepreneurial and commercial focus Customer focusOrganisation and delivery Creativity and innovation Communicating and influencing AdaptabilityLeading and coaching

20 Possible Recommendations 25 April 201420 Utilise an Assessment Centre (AC) methodology as a developmental tool within the placement Measure and subsequently enhance professional competencies in a sample of PG students Competencies were determined through job analysis and competency modelling (e.g. written and oral communication; problem solving and analysis; planning and organising) AC exercises included: in-tray prioritising; presentation role- play; written report; leaderless group discussion Students prepare development plans relating to the competencies identified as requiring development

21 Assessing Competencies? 25 April 201421

22 25 April 201422 Assessing Competencies?

23 25 April 201423 Assessing Competencies?

24 25 April 201424 Assessing Competencies?

25 25 April 201425 Assessing Competencies?

26 25 April 201426 Assessing Competencies?

27 25 April 201427 Assessing Competencies?

28 25 April 201428 Assessing Competencies?

29 25 April 201429 Assessing Competencies?

30 Issues Relating to Placement and Support Key questions – develop ideas, identify barriers and strategies to over come these barriers How best to support students whilst on placement? Thinking about alternatives (and alternative assessment) to placement Issues around growing competition to secure suitable placements How to best support students that have a positive- negative placement experience?

31 References 25 April 201431 Dalrymple, R; Kemp, C and Smith, P (2012) Characterising work-based learning as a triadic learning endeavour, Journal of Further and Higher Education, pp.1-15. Hardwick, L (2012) The place of community-based learning in Higher Education: a case study of Interchange, Journal of Further and Higher Education, pp1-18. Herbert, I and Rothwell, A (2005) Managing your placement: a skills- based approach, Basingstoke: Palgrave. Sophie, K; Sturre, V; Von Treuer, K and Feenstra, F (2010) Evaluation of the use of Assessment Centre methodology to enhance development planning, work placement outcomes and work readiness for postgraduate students – a pilot, ACEN 2010: Proceedings of the 3rd Biannual Australian Collaborative Education Network National Conference, Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN).

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