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Supporting student success: enhancing our community of practice through PSF Jules Cassidy Leader in Learning & Teaching Julie Baldry Currens Director of.

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1 Supporting student success: enhancing our community of practice through PSF Jules Cassidy Leader in Learning & Teaching Julie Baldry Currens Director of Learning & Teaching

2 Overview of presentation Share our Professional Standards Framework, with emphasis on CPD route. Cross-institutional, interdisciplinary development. Models inclusivity and choice. Evaluation of first 50 applicants. Benefits to stakeholders. Tales from the road...

3 Why a PSF? Idea grew from Change Academy 2006. Recognised PSF as a vehicle to - link LT&A and Research strategies, - recognise good / best practice, - enhance the students experience. Strategic importance of a framework relevant to ALL with a role in teaching and supporting learning. Number of Fellows lower than at equivalent HEIs.

4 What did we do? Cross-institutional working group. - Director & Leaders in L&T from Schools & Services, also IT, HR and QAE. Good Academy support -Rob Norris & Phil Price. Phased framework development: re/accreditation of MA/PGCert in L&T in HE, MA in Online + Blended learning, support for IRR applications, CPD route. We chose to offer SD1, 2, 3 for Fellow/Associate.

5 UELs PSF: 3 routes 1.Accredited programmes. 2.Support for Individual Recognition Route. 3.CPD route: 1 year CPD record, 2 references. Plus either - Form (written), or - Story Board Narrative (written), or - Personal Dialogue (oral presentation). Designed for all with a role in teaching + supporting learning i.e. Schools AND Services.

6 Inclusivity and Choice Ongoing strategic priority of embedding inclusive learning + teaching practices. Recognise individual preferences in learning. Desirability of learner choice in mode of assessment. CPD route offered opportunity to model inclusive practice through offering applicants choice of - written or oral presentation, using a variety of media eg VLE, Video, Web2.0 etc.

7 PSF Panel All CPD pathways are peer assessed by 3 people, then discussed & approved by a central Panel comprising: Director of Learning + Teaching, 3 School LILTs, 1 Service LILT, Learning + Development Manager +/or Senior HR Manager (Strategy + Change), HEA representative (optional). Panel ensures rigour, consistency, fairness and comparability of standards with the Academy.

8 Promotion Multi-layered approach: Sessions in Schools & Services, CMT, Academic Board, L&T committees & LILTS, leaflet for staff, web pages. Support for individuals and in groups. Advertised pre-set panel dates. Application through Servicing Officer.

9 Evaluation Stats from first years engagement (08-09). Qualitative, thematic content analysis of applicants and panel members perceptions - questionnaire, f2f interviews, wiki data.

10 PSF CPD route, 08-09, n=50 Business 1 Computing, IT, Eng1 Education 2 Law 3 Architec + Visual Arts 5 Psychology 11 Social Science, 18 Media, Cultural Studies HR 1 Library 3 Student Services 4 VC Group 1 Personal Dialogue 34 Form 15 Story board 1.

11 Voices – choice of CPD pathway... Id previously spent so long messing about with the HEA Form and felt constrained by its structure, I just wasnt telling my story. When the opportunity came to do a presentation, I knew I could make my case in a vivid and compelling way. I am an oral communicator – its my job after all, and its what I do well... this route really captured my imagination and I was excited by doing it, it really spoke to me... (SD3).

12 Voices – choice of CPD pathway... I know they were all saying its more straightforward to do a presentation, but it didnt feel like that for me. I prefer thinking things through as I write them down, and to be honest I felt safer doing it that way, because I knew I could be sure Id cover all the things I needed to, and I wouldnt be worrying about time or the powerpoint not working, or whatever... I used the form because the structure helped, but having done it, now I wonder if the story board might have been more fun... (SD2).

13 SD does not necessarily correlate with role eg SD3: 5 Programme Leaders 2 Field Leaders 2 Leaders in L&T 2 Assoc Dirs of Service 1 Senior HR manager 1 Dean of School 1 member of VCG SD12 (2%) SD2 34 (68%) SD314 (28%) SDs do not necessarily link with a grade or role

14 Emergent themes Key themes arising throughout the data are: Reflection. Achievement. Challenge. Recognition. Disappointment. Enhancement. Scholarship and research. Discipline / subject expertise.

15 Voices – applicants... Nothing else Ive done, including peer review, has caused me to reflect at such length and depth about my own professional practice. Im no stranger to reflection, as Ive been in a reflective practice group for over 10 years... The experience of giving voice to the presentation Id prepared was really quite profound... My original focus had been on the six areas of activity but I came to realise while doing the presentation, and particularly through the dialogue with the panel, that the Professional Values were most important to me. Ive been reflecting on this ever since... (SD3).

16 Voices – panel members... When we were setting this whole PSF up, I honestly didnt imagine that I would be so moved by the experience of listening to colleagues talking about their own practice. It sounds corny I know, but it is true- it feels really special when people speak of the things they hold dear, and so many achievements......... talk about tips for lecturers – being on the panel is a treasure trove of hints, tips, ways to do things, new angles, what to do with technology.. occasionally its even reassuring when they have the same battles that I do...

17 Stakeholder Benefits Colleagiality, interdisciplinarity, collaboration - broader perspectives in design, implementation, assessment. Acknowledges and validates the importance of supporting learning alongside teaching – especially important for Service colleagues. Requires, facilitates, enhances reflection on practice. Defines and evidences achievement and innovation. Recognition and reward for participants.

18 Stakeholder benefits Raises Academy profile among colleagues. Facilitates debate around defining, evidencing, assessing standards, and professionalising academic practice. Now embedded in HR processes - probation, annual SDR, promotion. Our CPD route: innovative, sector leading – (HEA, 2008) – interest & dialogue with other HEIs. Sharing and embedding good/best practice – raising standards for our students...

19 Tales from the road... A powerful vehicle for facilitating interdisciplinary and professional dialogue. Experiences of personal / professional vulnerability sometimes reported, occasional disappointment. Resource issues - supporting colleagues, & servicing / admin of panels. Embedding in HR processes needs care Overall, perceptions are strongly positive...

20 Questions / Comments? Thank you.

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