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Gaming in Planning, Architecture and Social Sciences Andrea Frank.

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1 Gaming in Planning, Architecture and Social Sciences Andrea Frank

2 University of Michigans Urban gaming/simulation programme Football Virtual Reality Role Play for negotiations etc. Modelling

3 The Certificate in Gaming/Simulation Required Courses UP662 Core seminar UP663 Theory & practice of G/S UP664 Gaming Simulation Studio Electives (in various fields) - Metropolitan Area Growth Game (Urban Planning) - Scientific Problem Solving (Math) - Instructional Gaming (School of Education) - Negotiation Skills for environmental dispute resolution (SNRE) Etc. 18 credit hrs total, 1 course equals 3 or 4 credit hrs.

4 UMs Certificate in Gaming/Simulation Practice & Theory a) Use/experience games/simulations b) Learning about games/simulations History, Typology & Structure Appropriate (ethical) use Theories Game design, i.e. how to developing games/simulations for certain learning outcomes or research objectives

5 Plannings complex problems Calibrated Rational III IIIIV Non-rational Many Variables Few Variables Uncalibrated Many Decision- makers Single Decision- makers Gaming /role play and policy exercises

6 Games: rapid, complex communication SR S R Monologue Dialogue Seq. Dialogue Multilogue + paraphernalia, Non-verbal clues Lecture: Seminar: Gaming:

7 Great Learning Tools Games/simulations are Fun ! & participatory + creative Learning by doing Immersive environment, close to reality Safe environment for learning (skills, behaviour, concepts)

8 G/S Resources CEBE departmental workshop on Gaming/Simulation SAGSET – Society for interactive learning (UK) ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association)/summer school – see conference flyer Duke, RD and Geurts, JLA (forthcoming, 2004) Policy Games for strategic management – pathway into the unknown. Dutch University Press. Program on Negotiation (Harvard University) Clearinghouse for case study/simulation materials - Meligrana, JF and JS Andrew (2003). Role playing Simulations in Urban Planning Education … Planning Practice and Research 18 (1):95-107. Simulation and Gaming: Intern. Journal of Theory, Practice and Research Simulation & Gaming Research Yearbooks (Kogan Page)

9 Types of Gaming & Simulations Recreationl Games Simulations/ Mathemat. Modelling Educational games, Role Play Case Studies, Policy Exercises Game theory Training, War games Chess, monopoly, etc. Flight simulator, etc Virtual reality Prisoners dilemma, cellular automata etc. Urban development games, teaching processes, concepts Multiparty negotiation exercises, explore policies

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