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How to be successful in business?

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1 How to be successful in business?

2 What is enterprising person like?
Creative Active Hardworking Motivated Brave And a last most inportant...

3 Talkative!

4 What is a good manager like?
Sociable Trusts and believe in people Working to achieve the target Motivates others to work Optimistic Open to criticism

5 Ways to the success market examination having an idea
making a business plan persistent realization of the business plan learning from failures

6 What brings success ability to solve problems
ability to count possible risks effective using measures of production speed and flexibility of action ability to use market chance

7 What causes failure inappropriate management
incorrect choice of workers insufficient capital crisis in the market variability of exchange rates strong competition pressure from other companies

8 How to examine the market
questionnaire interview observation experiment

9 ICT Hotels and restaurants
Jobs of the future ICT Hotels and restaurants

10 ICT computer programmer ICT engineer ICT technician marketing expert

11 Hotels and restaurants
cook waiter receptionist cleaner manager

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