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Towards Universal Access Scaling up HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support: The Role of the United Nations.

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1 Towards Universal Access Scaling up HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support: The Role of the United Nations

2 Overview 1.Universal Access – What? 2.Three Ones – What means? 3.Global Task Team & Making the Money Work – What support?


4 What are the costs? Bypassing central government by providing aid through vertical projects Credibility of the national response is compromised Agenda becomes donor-driven, uncoordinated & inconsistent Distortions in human capacity, policy dialogue, focus, partnership Stakeholder confidence falls Quality of governance and capacity of the public sector undermined Impossible to scale-up the response in this environment

5 Why the “Three Ones”? Need to replace current proliferation of strategies, committees and monitoring systems, all of which add to confusion, increase transaction costs for countries and detract from impact

6 What are the “Three Ones?” One agreed AIDS action framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners One national AIDS authority, with a broad-based multisectoral mandate One agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system

7 Guiding Principles and Approaches Country Ownership Stakeholder participation National priorities Partnership with all sectors Reduction of transaction costs Improved accountability

8 One Agreed AIDS Framework Key elements: Clear priorities for resource allocation and accountability Operational from strategy to action: all partners; good linkages With workplans and budgets** Inclusive & participatory process** Basis for joint reviews ** Major weaknesses in 66 country review

9 One Coordinating Authority Key elements: Strong, formal mandate ** Policy dialogue Clear partnership arrangements Representation & inclusiveness Human and management capacity** Accountability with oversight ** Major weaknesses in 66 country review

10 One Monitoring & Evaluation System Global alignment Core system in place** Strategies for data quality Investment in national (human) capacity** ** Major weaknesses in 66 country review

11 Three Ones: What can the UN system do? Empower national leadership Mobilize and strengthen public, private and civil society partners Strengthen country management of strategic information Build capacity to track, monitor and evaluate country responses Facilitate access to financial and technical resources

12 HOW? Global Task Team Recommendations for putting “Three Ones” into practice for multilateral institutions and country level Developed through a highly participatory process of UN, governments and civil society

13 Four Key Recommendations 1.Empowering inclusive national leadership and ownership 2.Alignment and harmonization of multilateral and international partners 3.Reform for a more effective multilateral response 4.Accountability and oversight

14 UNAIDS follow-up to the Global Task Team report Division of Labour Consolidated UN Technical Support Plan Flexible and demand-driven financing mechanism (PAF) Global Implementation Support Team (GIST) Country Harmonisation Assessment Tool (CHAT) – in development

15 Division of Labour –Identifies 17 areas of technical support Strategic planning, governance and financial management Scaling-up interventions M&E, strategic information, knowledge-sharing and accountability –Identifies a ‘lead organization’ for each area: A single entry/liaison point for governments and relevant stakeholders Primarily accountable for the provision of quality and timely technical support

16 Country adaptation of Division of Labour table based on: –Presence and capacity in country –Comparative advantage –Capacity for technical support –Agreement on practical arrangements linked to technical support plan

17 UN Consolidated Technical Support Plan: “Making the Money Work” Unified and consolidated UN-sourced technical support plan Based on Division of Labour Support by UN, from local, regional and international organizations Quality assurance procedures in procurement Based on country requests Unified budget mechanism built on PAF

18 Global Implementation Support Team (GIST) Unblock implementation bottlenecks and strengthen capacity within member organizations Forum for UN system organizations to harmonize Country-driven task specific requests Initial focus on UN system -Global Fund Mobilize funds and partners Strengthen accountability

19 WHAT FOR? Towards “Universal Access” A comprehensive package of prevention, treatment, care and support Country-owned, country-led and inclusive Implemented under “Three Ones”

20 Towards Universal Access Towards Universal Access What have we learned? No single epidemic Equity is central Sustainability within a changing environment Comprehensive response

21 Towards Universal Access Towards Universal Access Fundamentals to address Priority setting and public policies Human and system capacities Sustainable long-term funding Affordable commodities Stigma and discrimination: human rights and legislation Accountability

22 In Summary… GTT developed global commitments to support implementing Three Ones principles at country level Together GTT & Three Ones are means to ensure a comprehensive national response – with the outcome towards scaling up for Universal Access

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