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Professor Mike Pittilo MBE Memorial Lecture. Sashaying Along The Ice Floe ! Leading Change in Universities Today 8 September 2011 Peter McCaffery London.

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1 Professor Mike Pittilo MBE Memorial Lecture

2 Sashaying Along The Ice Floe ! Leading Change in Universities Today 8 September 2011 Peter McCaffery London Metropolitan University Change Academy 2011

3 UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES AS AN ART FORM How University committees avoid making decisions: John Kays 8 oars of indecision Deferral-wait until next time Referral-to another committee Points of order-procedural objection The wider picture-we need to understand the context better Evasion-we need still further detail Ambiguity-accept in principle, but not in practice Precedent-lets not set one Denial-not for us to decide

4 EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE IN UNIVERSITIES IS DEPENDENT ON: Knowing Your Environment Knowing Your Institution Knowing Your Department Knowing Yourself!

5 External Environment (since August, 2008) Global financial crisis; economic downturn UK public debt approaching Armageddon levels (Audit Commission forecast) Politics of the New Normal - the dearth of public money; value for money - living within our means - doing more with less while still maintaining quality Funding changes - HE budget cut £1.09B (pre-May 2010); £2.9B (2010-14) - Shift of burden from taxpayer to graduate; fee cap now £9K/yr From a golden era to a new iron age (Scott)

6 TRADITIONAL ROLE OF MODERN UNIVERSITY FINISHING SCHOOL:Last stage of general education PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL:Training of elite workers KNOWLEDGE FACTORY:Production of science, technology and ideology CULTURAL INSTITUTION:Expression of our individual and collective sense of being 21 st Century: multiple roles – lifelong learning, knowledge transfer, international students......

7 THE UNIVERSITY IDENTITY CRISIS The University: Redundant as an Idea? Broken as a Monopoly Confronted with unprecedented change

8 NEW WAVE COMPETITORS Mega UnivsUKOU, AU Turkey, China TV For-Profit UnivsBPP, Kaplan, Phoenix Corporate UnivsBAE, Disney, Ford, Microsoft, Motorola, Unipart Private HE Training OrgsApollo, DeVry, Laureate, Strayer Sleeping GiantsIBM, News Int., Pearson

9 CONTINUING EXPANSION OF STUDENT NUMBERS (UK AND WORLDWIDE) WIDENING PARTICIPATION fair access/bursaries HR retirement peak succession planning pay framework performance assessment IT E-MANAGEMENT/E-LEARNING BIS E-strategy RESOURCES AND ESTATES DEVELOPMENT sustainable facilities and services project and programme management SUSTAINABILITY AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY serving broader political, social, ethical and cultural agendas GOVERNANCE Code and CUC Guidance FUNDING variable fee fund-raising diversifying income sources full economic costing MARKETING positioning of HEIs identity/brand issues COMPETITION IN UK alliances, collaborations and mergers ENHANCING THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE teaching, learning and quality customer service MANAGEMENT OF RESEARCH evolution of RAE/REF process research contracts & careers academic pipeline INTERNATIONALISATION competition/collaboration European research area private universities Bologna process BUSINESS, REGIONAL & COMMUNITY INTERACTIONS third stream knowledge transfer, economic & social regeneration 15 key strategic challenges for UK HE institutions, 2011- 2014 EMBEDDING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY IN ALL INSTITUTIONAL ACTIVITIES EXTERNAL DRIVERS

10 Political Fiduciary BIS Ministers, PAC, HMT DTI / OST Funding HEFCE BIS RCs/Operations LEAs, NHS, TDA, charities, EU, MoD, business Sponsors HEFCE, UUK, Guild HE, TDAs HEFCE Higher Education Institutions Council / Governors Vice Chancellor Senior Management Faculties / Departments Agency HEFCE, HESA, QAA, Ofsted, UCAS, NAO Professional GMC, ENB, Law Society, ACCA, GDC, BPS, etc. Students (+ parents, schools) DCFS UCAS Staff UCU Employers CBI, etc. Business Community RDAs, SSCs, LSs, (LSC) etc. STAKEHOLDERS IN HE SECTOR

11 Traditional HENew HE Competition: other univs.Competition: everywhere Student as apprentice scholar Learner as Customer (and Producer) Delivery in the classroomDelivery everywhere Bricks and mortar - Physical estates Bits and bytes - Virtual estates Technology as an ExpenseTechnology as Market Differentiation Institutional - centricMarket – centric Funding: Block grantFunding: student fees Independent SupplierShared Services

12 Traditional HENew HE Terminal degreeLifelong learning Take what is offeredCourses on demand Academic calendarYear round campus Course as 3-4 year revenueCourse as Business Plan Mode 1 KnowledgeMode 2 Knowledge Teacher as Director of Learning Teacher as Facilitator of Learning Academic as jack of all trades Academic as specialist Diversity as problemDiversity as strength

13 UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE Average size of Universities has doubled in 40 years Greater internal organisational complexity Greater external accountability More volatile competitive environment Challenge - To change or risk being overwhelmed

14 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF UNIVERSITIES the autonomy of the individual scholar precedence of subject over institutional loyalty the strength of tradition the cult of the expert Collegiality managerialism post-managerialism?

15 Control of Implementation tight A: Collegium B: Bureaucracy D: Enterprise C: Corporation tight loose MODELS OF UNIVERSITIES AS ORGANISATIONS Policy Definition loose

16 The University is a community of scholars engaged in the task of seeking truth. Karl Jaspers, 1923 I find the three major administrative problems on campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni and car parking for the faculty. Clark Kerr President, University of California, 1958

17 EXEMPLARS OF STRUGGLING INNOVATORS (1) HEIsConversation themeMessage Regional University South Australia Ive been parking my car under that tree for 28 years or more. The latest change initiative can just go hang. Wake me when its over Research University Eastern Australia You need the personality of a Sherman tank to survive as head of department here. Its rough, its tough and there is no end in sight. The industrial model is just not suited to an HE environment.

18 EXEMPLARS OF STRUGGLING INNOVATORS (2) HEIsConversation themeMessage Regional Research University Northeastern USA He (the president) used to come out of the puzzle palace with a guard of honour. It was like Moses coming off the mountain with the tablets (The Strategic Plan). Who knows what the executive does or thinks – you cant get near them. Collegiality? You gotta be kidding. Regional Research University Eastern USA The meat-axe administrator and his refrain: We already did that yesterday? They slough it off here, slough it off there, slough it off everywhere. Its a Darwinian jungle in this state and were ahead of the game. Outsourcing is all the rage here and could be next.

19 What is special about the climate and culture of your University? What is special about the climate and culture of your Department?

20 CULTURAL INQUIRY – engagement Appreciative Enquiry Liquid Café Open Space Rich pictures World Cafe (Framing and re-framing your institution) (Maintaining a multiple mind-set)

21 AUTHORITY - hierarchical relations resources - the right to decide -legitimacy -criteria THE PERCEPTIONS VALUES & INTERESTS WITHIN YOUR UNIVERSITY EXPERTISE - scarcity/substitutability - credibility - authenticated - relevance THE MAIN SOURCES OF ORGANISATIONAL POWER RESOURCE CONTROL - control over valued resources physical/symbolic - gamekeeping/allocation criteria - credibility INTERPERSONAL SKILLS - charisma - advocacy - assertiveness - networking

22 How powerful am I? Am I using all my political resources? 1.What are your political resources? Make an Inventory 2.What is your network of power? Make an Analysis

23 LEADING CHANGE: SOME GUIDING PRINCIPLES Leadership is not vested in a single great figure; it exists throughout the University Leadership is as much about groups and teams as it is to do with individuals Leaders are, by and large made, not born The institutional context and leadership approach are as important as personal attributes Effective managers can also be effective leaders and vice versa Leaders do the right thing, managers do things right – Peter Drucker

24 PROMPTS FOR LEADING AND MANAGING CHANGE.. BEWARE THE BUSY PERSON SYNDROME: INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOURS procrastinators 30% distracted 40% disengaged 20% purposeful action-takers 10% High FOCUS Low Low High ENERGY

25 FOUNDATIONS FOR MANAGING YOURSELF We never see the world as it is, only as we are. I wish some power the gift would gie us, to see ourselves as others see us. - Robbie Burns Be not anothers if thou canst be thyself. - Paracelsus Our concept of self is neither fixed nor permanent - self-ideal; self-image; self-esteem We always have choices

26 YOUR VALUES, MOTIVES AND BEHAVIOURS 1 OPEN 2 BLIND 3 HIDDEN 4 UNKNOWN Known to Self Not Known to Self Known to others Not Known to others The Johari Window

27 SUCCESSFUL UNIVERSITY INNOVATORS Common Traits in managing change: No Magic Pill Distributed Leadership – a quality tapped at all levels Art of Conversation: a core process Harnessing collegiality as an aspiration Building on existing good practice (avoiding deficit models) Learners as well as Knowers – advocates of an inquiry approach

28 LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE 1 RECOGNISING POPULAR MYTHS ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE FOR WHAT THEY ARE Change can only occur if it is driven from the top People are resistant to change People are rational and will react to logical and rational requests for change New processes and systems will create the new necessary behaviours Big changes require big actions If it aint broke, dont fix it Cultural change is a slow and painful long-term affair

29 LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE 2 RECOGNISING THE FUNDAMENTALS IN THE SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE Change must presage a new model for the future People must have a reason. Change will not succeed unless there is a dis-satisfaction with the old Major change can be painful – resistance is normal Change is lumpy: people, systems and processes change at different rates and in different ways Change is an ongoing process, not an event Change is unique to each institution. Celebrate your individual landmarks of success 29

30 LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE 3 PAVING THE WAY Begin the conversation Open up your creative self and encourage others to do likewise Prepare to give up power – backstage leadership Identify, nurture and support networks and champions Surface and test mental models held by colleagues Defuse defensive routines and be open about your own Establish genuine shared values and agree associated behaviours Model expected behaviours

31 31 Any questions?

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