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Causes of the American Revolution

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1 Causes of the American Revolution

2 Proclamation of 1763 *Drew an imaginary line along the Appalachian Mountains. *Colonists were not allowed to settle west of this line. *People that already lived there were supposed to move!!

3 Proclamation of 1763 Britain sent troops to enforce the law.
Why did this anger the colonists?

4 Proclamation of 1763 Many colonists ignored the law.
Daniel Boone – explored Kentucky & led settlers west.

5 Sugar Act - 1764 Taxed molasses. (What is Molasses??) A good thing??
Replaced an earlier tax that was incredibly high. Merchants smuggled molasses into the colonies to avoid paying the tax. Actually lowered the tax! Why were Colonists angry??

6 Stamp Act - 1765 Taxed legal documents. What’s this??
- wills, marriage papers Taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards & dice. Had to have a stamp to prove the tax had been paid.

7 Stamp Act Stamp Taxes were common in Britain so why were the Colonists so angry?

8 No Taxation Without Representation!
Colonists insisted that only THEIR elected representatives could impose a tax on them. They had NO elected representative in Parliament (British Government) therefore they could NOT tax the Colonies!


10 Stamp Act Congress - 1765 9 Colonies sent delegates.
Wrote a petition to King George III which said they rejected the Stamp Act & that Britain had NO RIGHT to tax the Colonies. What is a petition?? Also decided to boycott all British goods.


12 Townshend Acts - 1767 Taxed glass, paper, paint, lead & TEA!!
Writs of Assistance – allowed the British to search colonial ships to check for smuggled items. Many Colonists signed nonimportation agreements. What are these???

13 Boston Massacre - March 5, 1770
Britain had sent soldiers to Boston to protect customs officers. A crowd gathered & started to shout at the soldiers - “lobsterbacks” & started to throw snowballs & ice at the soldiers. 5 people were killed. After this things calmed down - for a while! This engraving was created by Paul Revere


15 Tea Act Passed by Parliament to help the British East India Company. Allowed the company to sell its tea directly to the Colonists. This made tea CHEAPER than ever before!! Why were the Colonists angry??

16 Tea Act - 1773 Colonists were angry because:
Tea Merchants had been cut out of the tea trade. Believed it was a trick to make them accept Parliament’s right to tax the Colonies. No Taxation Without Representation!


18 Boston Tea Party – December 16, 1773
Colonists boycott tea! Creating a nation of coffee drinkers?? Colonists dresses as Native Americans boarded ships in Boston Harbor & dumped the tea into the harbor.

19 Intolerable Acts -1774 Parliament closed the port of Boston.
Forbade Massachusetts to hold Town Meetings more than once a year – had to have permission of the governor. Any official charged with a crime had to be put on trial in Britain. Quartering Act – Colonists had to house British troops!


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