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(Ultra low power connectivity for small devices) By: Parthesha K.N. 8 th semester I T S I T, Tumkur.

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1 (Ultra low power connectivity for small devices) By: Parthesha K.N. 8 th semester I T S I T, Tumkur

2 ??? Ever dreamt of having a WRIST WATCH which James bond used in his movies???

3 What is WIBREE? Wibree is a new low power, low cost, interoperable radio technology for small devices. Wibree complements other local connectivity technologies, consuming only a fraction of the power, enabling small, inexpensive implementations as well as easy integration with Bluetooth solutions.

4 Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or personal computers, and small, button cell battery power devices. By extending the role, mobile devices can play in consumers' lives, this technology increases the growth potential in these market segments

5 Wibree fullfills the need for a radio technology that: Allows communication between small button-cell battery devices and Bluetooth devices. Forms a minimal cost and size addition to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and PCs. Creates smaller and lower cost options for small button-cell battery devices.

6 Examples: (1).Mouse communicating with computer using Wibree

7 (2).Here the keyboard is communicating with cell phone& the watch displays the heart beat and the stress applied to the bat.

8 Need for Wibree No standard has been optimized for low power consumption for low duty cycle applications Several years of battery lifetime on a coin cell battery 6 to 12 months battery lifetime on AA or AAA batteries

9 Key Features Very low power consumption Forms a minimal cost and size Allows communication between small battery-powered devices Cost efficient implementation with the present Bluetooth modules

10 Types of Wibree chips There are two types: 1. Stand alone mode Wibree 2. Dual mode Wibree

11 Stand alone mode Wibree : Stand alone Wibree chip can communicate with other stand alone Wibree chips and/or dual mode chips.

12 Wibree Example for stand alone mode:

13 Dual mode Wibree A dual mode chip can communicate with other stand alone or dual mode Wibree chips in addition to other Bluetooth chips Wibree

14 Wibree versus Bluetooth: The device that is compatible with the bluetooth can communocate with the other device within 100meters of range. The speed of the data transfer is upto 5Mbps. The power consumption is higher when compared to Wibree. It is not suitable for smaller devices. Bluetooth:

15 Wibree: It can communicate with the other device within 10meters of range. The power consumption is very low. The speed of data transfer is upto1mbps. It is suitable for smaller devices.

16 (Different layers of wibree & bluetooth) Wibree technology Wibree technology (LL) PAL

17 Bluetooth: It is the primary channel of the protocol. 0.400-2.4835 GHz is the frequency range at which it operates. 5 Mbps is the speed. It can communicates with the other device upto 100meters. RF channel:

18 Link controller: It contains master. Master just establishes connection with the slaves.

19 Link manage protocol: The Link Manager Protocol (LMP) is used to control and negotiate all aspects of the operation of the Bluetooth connection between two devices.

20 Physical Layer:  Up to 10m range.  1 Mega bit/sec air data rate  RF Antenna which will operate at the 2.4 GHz can work with the help of the Bluetooth antenna Wibree:

21 Link Layer Low power idle mode Scan service Connection set-up service Data exchange service Traffic scheduling services

22 Wibree Profiles Watch profile Human Interface Device (HID) profile Sensor profile

23 How power is saved in Wibree Wibree is aiming to produce a radio that can transmit a small packet of data approximately every second This low power drain is achieved by designing a radio and protocol that lets the radio stay asleep for most of its life. It can wake up quickly, when it will broadcast its requirement to transfer data on a number of advertising channels across the spectrum.

24 The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the more than 8,000-company strong trade association responsible for advancing Bluetooth wireless technology, joined Nokia today in announcing that Wibree, the Nokia developed low power wireless technology, will be contributed to the Bluetooth SIG.

25 The new opportunity for network operators and service providers One of the most important features about Wibree is that it will quickly become embedded into a wide range of mobile phones. That allows the phone to act as a gateway for information, transmitting it back over the network to an Internet based monitoring service. data throughputs involved will be small, so the transmission costs will be low and will not swamp the networks capacity thus opening a wide range of opportunities to a large number of fields.

26 Conclusion Taking all of these factors together, Wibree has the potential to transform consumer devices. Today Wibree is a Nokia solution. However, the major Bluetooth chip vendors including Cambridge Silicon Radio and Broadcom are supporting it. That means it will reside within the chips in almost every brand of handset. Wibree is placed to own the wireless healthcare market.

27 References 1. Official website of wibree 2. Understanding of wireless range 3. White paper on Wibree 4. 5.


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