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Europeans Explore the East

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1 Europeans Explore the East
Chapter 19 Section 1

2 Key Terms Bartolomeu Dias Prince Henry Vasco da Gama
Treaty of Tordesillas Dutch East India Company

3 The Drive to Explore Driven by search for wealth
Desired expensive spices, silk, perfume from India and China Flow of good to Europe controlled by the Italians Some people wanted fame and glory

4 The Drive to Explores Hoped to spread faith into new lands
Writings by Marco Polo intrigued explorers Introduced to different goods the Crusaders Muslims and Italians controlled goods from the East to West

5 Advances in Technology
Compass and astrolabe helped in navigation Compass always pointed North Astrolabe used the moon and stars Ships built to ride lower in the water Capable of withstanding heavier waves

6 Advances in Technology
Had larger cargo holds Caravel- a light fast ship, highly maneuverable Steered from a rudder in the stern Triangular sails to catch the wind Could be used to sail directly into the wind

7 Advances in Technology
Could be equipped with cannon Could face hostile ships Popular because of maneuverability and defensive ability

8 Explorers from Spain and Portugal
Portugal- first country with large scale voyages Henry the Navigator-the prince was a patron of the explorers 1400’s Henry established a small court

9 Prince Henry 1415 helped to conquer Muslims in North Africa
Saw dazzling wealth beyond Europe Portuguese found Pepper Cinnamon Cloves and other spices Gold, silver, and jewels

10 Explorers from Portugal and Spain
Sailors Mapmakers Astronomers People interested in navigation Explored the Atlantic Western coast of Africa Settled in the Azores and Madeira islands

11 Explorers from Portugal and Spain
Portuguese sailors learned Africa’s coast Gold and slave trade Goal to find a water route around Africa to India 1488 Bartolomeu Dias first European to sail around southern Africa

12 Explorers from Portugal and Spain
1497 Vasco de Gama set out for India 10 months to reach India Learned about Muslim traders Rounded Africa in 1498 Explored Africa’s east coast

13 Portuguese Sailors Reach Asia
Port Calicut in India Amazed at the stores filled with Spices Rare silks Precious gems Cargo was worth 60 times the cost of the voyage Trip 27,000 miles

14 Explorers from Portugal and Spain
Portuguese established trading centers in India Sailed to lands in Indonesia Became one of the richest and most powerful people

15 Portugal’s Trading Empire
Portugal built a fort at Hormuz Had control of the strait of Hormuz Stopped Muslim traders from reaching Spain Wanted to crush Muslim-Italian domination over Asian trade

16 The Spanish 1492 Isabella and Ferdinand agreed to pay for Christopher Columbus’s voyage Though he could sail west to China Theory correct, size of the earth was wrong Reached the Caribbean

17 The Spanish Thought he reached Asian islands after two months
Called the people Indians Returned to Spain in 1493 Brought back native Americans, gold silver, parrots, plants

18 The Spanish Columbus made three more trips Opened door to colonization
Portuguese thought Columbus claimed land for Spain that they reached first

19 Spain Also Makes Claim Rivalry between Spain and Portugal grew more tense Pope Alexander VI stepped in to keep the peace Pope drew a line in the Atlantic

20 Treaty of Tordesillas All lands to the West of the line went to Spain
Lands to the East Portugal Spain included most of the lands in the Americas Portugal received modern day Brazil

21 Other Nations Challenge Portugal
1600 English and Dutch challenged Portugal’s dominance Netherlands leading sea power with 20,000 ships Pressure from English and Dutch Eroded Portugal’s influence

22 East India Company Both countries formed the company Had power to
Mint money Make Treaties Raise their own armies Dutch East India Company richer and more powerful Drove out the English

23 Dutch Trade Outpost Dutch establish headquarters on the island of Java
1600’s extended its control of the India Ocean 1700’s Amsterdam became a leading commercial center Controlled the Cape of Good Hope

24 British and French Traders
1700 Britain and France gain a foothold England focused energy on India Traded Indian cloth to Europe France faced attacks by the Dutch Establish an Indian outpost by 1720

25 British and French Traders
Europeans battled for Indian Ocean Trade Influence in Southeast Asia Limited European traders did take control of many port towns People of Asia remained unaffected by European contact

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