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Dr Paul Martin InQbate - CETL in Creativity University of Brighton.

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1 Dr Paul Martin InQbate - CETL in Creativity University of Brighton

2 FDTL - TQEF 5 Phases funded between 1997 and 2009 168 projects up to £250k each Total funding of £34 million Across all subject areas HEFCE published aims to:- Stimulate developments in learning and teaching Secure the widest possible involvement of institutions in the take-up and implementation of good practice

3 Why are we here today? To celebrate FDTL with fellow journeywomen/men To share and learn from our experiences To celebrate our successes To engage in an act of closure To look to the future After all if you are here you are probably a change agent! So what do you want to get out of these two days?

4 Why did you get involved ? Because it was there You are a developer of people or ideas You are interested in...... To change the world or at least your part of it To develop your career Pay the mortgage........................... To make the world a better place!

5 The Purpose of HE Cultivating Humanity (Nussbaum 1997) - liberalis Continuity and fidelity discouraging critical reflection Produce free citizens not from wealth or birth but because they can call their minds their own (Seneca) Feinberg's (1993) models of the social function of education As mainly economic and vocational and concerned with the transmission of technically exploitable knowledge. As mainly political and cultural to further social participation through the development of interpretive understanding

6 Change and stability Tuche – luck / randomness of life or just what happens Techne – human art or science developed in order to mitigate against tuche. Eudaimonia – human flourishing – Socrates saw this not just as power and wealth but guided by moral virtue, a good life.

7 Nietzsche one must have chaos in ones soul in order to give birth to a dancing star


9 From the dance between chaos and form comes learning and creativity Dionysian The will to chaos Primal void of potential Quantum void, Nirvana, Tao etc. Tendency to change Apollonian The will to form Manifestation of the universe Tendency to stability

10 .

11 Creativity Creativity is – Ubiquitous The meeting of Dionysus and Apollo, where poetic intoxication is tempered by the demands of structure, logic and rationality (D. Peat / Nietzsche) A force which manifests itself in time and space Without morality To be creative we walk the line between chaos and form

12 Ehrenzweigs model of Creativity. Initial state – fragmentation De-differentiation Attendant anxieties must be tolerated Third state – re-introjection or integration re-differentiation conscious awareness of new whole Second state – initiate unconscious scanning Integrate new structure through countless cross ties

13 Creativity and Transformative learning In Transformative Learning we literally re-create ourselves (Mezirow) Learning is a creative process The being of ourselves is meaning; the being of society is meaning…[therefore] a change of meaning is a change of being (Bohm) Can happen when people realise that reality is not fixed but patterns of shifting, responsive potential (Zohar)

14 CETL daughter of FDTL InQbate CETL in Creativity

15 Wizards' in Higher Education The essence of the wizard is transformation ( Chopra ) The wizard teaches alchemy which is about change, transformation and enlightenment The wizard helps others cleanse their doors of perception so they can begin to see the unseen world The uncertainty you feel within you is the doorway to wisdom Wizards help to create seekers You are Wizards

16 Your successes through FDTL Share with the person next to you something which went very well or which you are proud of

17 ..

18 Your successes through FDTL Built communities in a climate of competition Developed and brought skills of project management to HE Promoted a focus on Learning and Teaching against prevailing climate of Research and Knowledge Transfer Promoted cross and interdisciplinary approaches Supported and pioneered the development of learning and teaching practice Explored and developed L&T technologies Peopled HE with a new breed of educators Developed and changed yourself and others

19 Quo Vadis whither go-est thou the green chapel now you set foot on the threshold the world outdoors before you like a map of dreams I am not that hero

20 .

21 New beginnings Look in your mirror; you might see the image of someone retreating before your face Then with a single step your journey starts... (Sir Gawain and the green knight – Carolyn Trant)

22 ..

23 Message to your future Take your postcard Put on it your name and address What step will you take next towards developing your inner wizard? Write this as a memo to yourself. Hand it in to me and I will post it to you in a weeks time

24 References Bohm, D. 1998, On Creativity. London. Routledge. Chopra, D., 1996, The Way of the Wizard. London. Rider. Erhenzweig, A. 1984ed, The Hidden Order of Art. California. Uni of California Press. Mezirow, J. 1991, Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning. Oxford. Jossey-Bass. Nietzsche, 1969ed, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. London. Penguin Classics.

25 References Nussbaum, M, 1993ed, The Fragility of goodness. Cambridge. Cambridge Uniniversity Press. Nussbaum, M. 1997, Cultivating humanity. Cambridge. Cambridge Uniniversity Press. Peat, D. 2000, The Blackwinged Night. New York. Basic Books.

26 Contacts and information University of Brighton Creativity Centre website ( InQbate CETL in creativity website – ( Dr Paul Martin – ( Martin Studios website – (

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