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Publishing Opportunities with Emerald: A Focus on Islamic Communities Cristina Irving Development Editor.

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1 Publishing Opportunities with Emerald: A Focus on Islamic Communities Cristina Irving Development Editor

2 Emerald Group Publishing – company background Founded in 1967 in Bradford, West Yorkshire Roots in academia Over 250 employees. Offices in China, India, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Dubai, USA

3 Emerald in Islamic States 3090 authors and 217 EAB members in 2010 In 2010 there have been over 3 million downloads. In 2009 there were more than 21 million downloads worldwide 63% of usage occurs outside of the UK

4 Emeralds regional publishing activities span 4 main areas Publications New Launches Acquisitions Special issues Book series Resources Author guides Support finding the right publication outlet Interaction with research community IGGPs Focus groups Associations Supporting research Awards Advanced sub-editing Activities

5 Journals with an Islamic focus International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management The first journal to engage both Islamic and non-Islamic fields of scholarship in this dynamic and evolving sector In addition to peer-reviewed research papers, IMEFM provides a comprehensive overview of new products, initiatives and personnel in the field Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research The only journal that offers a platform for publishing both theory and practice of Islamic accounting, auditing and business research beyond Islamic banking, finance and economics.

6 Journals with an Islamic focus Journal of Islamic Marketing Bridges the gap between business and religious doctrine. The only research publication in this field, the journal is designed to address the challenges facing marketers involved in business activities with and within Islamic communities. South Asian Journal of Global Business Research New journal for 2012 IB theory and practice within South Asian countries. Research/review may include a comparative analysis of one of the South Asian countries with any other country in the world. IB research covering a broad spectrum: marketing, management, finance, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, and technology management/information systems.

7 Global Islamic Marketing Conference, Dubai, March 20th – 22nd 2011 Confirmed speakers include: Dr. Bakr Ahmad Alserhan: Islamic Marketing and Branding: Looking Ahead Professor Abbas J. Ali, Ph.D: Marketing and Ethics: What have Islamic Ethics contributed and Challenges Ahead? Sheikh Khalfan Muhammed: A practitioners View on Islamic Business Conduct Professor Cedomir Nestorovic: Engaging Halal Markets Professor Marin Marinov: Defining Islamic Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges of Islamic Markets Professor David Weir: The Islamic Learning Organization Dr. Mohammad Alghorany: Islamic Business Ethics Professor Khalaf Nasser: Psychology of the Young Muslim Consumer

8 Increasing authorship and involvement Different roles and opportunities available: –Journal or Book Author –Editorial advisory board member –Regional Editor –Referee –Book reviewer –Propose a special issue or book volume and act as guest editor

9 Strengths and way ahead Showcasing high quality research from regions which are under-represented in international journals Our regionally focused publications (launches, special issues, book series) have international significance We have links with key institutions in developing markets: e.g. Nankai, Zhejiang, Indian Institutes of Management and Technology. Way ahead – we would like to expand our networks in Islamic communities and support the publication of research

10 Emerald Reading ListAssist

11 What the service is A free service, available to all of Emeralds subscribers A collection of 50 subject-specific reading lists, comprising of articles selected for their pedagogical and literary attributes Lists contain only Emerald content A workflow aid, ideal for both lecturers and students, for use inside and outside the classroom Lists are compiled by students and their supervisors, ensuring a high level of expertise from each subject area Peer-reviewed by subject experts to ensure a high level of quality

12 What an Emerald reading list looks like

13 Whats currently available 50 reading lists spanning a total of 19 subject areas Lists currently fit into three areas: –Business, Management and Economics –Library and Information Science –Social Sciences Suggest a reading list topic Create a list in your own subject area

14 Each list contains a minimum of 50 articles Content is included from a variety of Emerald sources, including journals, eBooks and Earlycite articles Each list contains the most recent research alongside more seminal articles An Editorial accompanies the list, which outlines the background and context of the reading list The Emerald Reading ListAssist package

15 Benefits to Lecturers and End-Users Workflow improved with this tailored teaching aid A complementary and personal service that adds value to Emeralds products and provides a better service to our end-users List approved and reviewed by our experienced Editors Value for money for Librarians Give back to research community

16 How to Get Involved Use a reading list Find out more about the service Sign up to receive updates Suggest an Islamic Studies topic for a reading list Our dedicated website will be launched soon!

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