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America as a World Power

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1 America as a World Power
Roosevelt and Wilson as Imperialist

2 What role did TR play in ending the Russo-Japanese War?
Expanded on Hay’s Open Door Notes 1906 – Treaty of Portsmouth, Nobel Prize and Japan and US agreed to respect the other, irony?

3 The Roosevelt Corollary
Latin American countries had borrowed a lot of $ from European powers to industrialize, TR felt that if they couldn’t repay loans, European powers would take over! Not up in here! “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” The Roosevelt Corollary said, “US would now use force to protect its economic interests in Latin America.”

4 Taft as an Imperialist Dollar Diplomacy – Taft got private companies to pay Nicaragua’s debts in exchange for future custom duties (taxes) Most Nicaraguans didn’t like it and fought back, we sent in the Marines and they stayed until 1933 Nicaragua

5 Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy
Wilson said only democratic nations deserved the recognition of the US, he said morally corrupt or oppressive govts shouldn’t be friends of the US. Do you think he is one to make moral judgments considering our evaluation of Wilson during the struggle for women’s suffrage? Some say he: He started the infamous "Creel Commission" that produced anti- German propaganda, showing them as sub-human monsters. He won the election by promising not to get us into war, started up the propaganda, and went to war. He arrested people for speaking out against the war and the war propaganda. He was also a white supremacist, who fired every single black person that worked for the federal government, refused to enforce civil rights laws, and openly courted the Ku Klux Klan.

6 The Mexican Revolution
hazel thinks that she has no idea what you guys aRe talking about!!!! The US had long ago had private companies that bought all land of value in Mexico. Their prez (Diaz) knew it, helped us, and kept his people poor. Diaz Madera Huerta Villa, Carranza, Zapata Obregon Wilson’s “watchful waiting” against “butcher” Huerta. Huerta’s govt collapsed on its own, then Zapata, “better to die on your feet, then live on your knees” & Pancho Villa The point is America thought it had the right to intervene in Mexico’s affairs, and we were willing to do it by force. Only the start of WWI kept us from all out war w/ Mexico under Wilson

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