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Culture and Health – session plan

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1 Culture and Health – session plan
2.15 – Quiz – Samar Shefta 2.35 – Health Beliefs in Papua New Guinea – Jess Keebles 2.55 – Culture and Health – introductory ideas – Maggie Eisner 3.15 – tea break 3.45 – group work

2 Culture and health some introductory ideas
Maggie Eisner, June 2010

3 Ethnicity Identification with a social group on grounds of culture, common origin, and shared history

4 Ethnicity Genetic inheritance (‘Race’?) Geographical origin Religion
Nationality History/ Migration Culture Language

5 Culture Complex social phenomenon
Shared beliefs, values and attitudes that guide behaviour of members Dynamic concept - keeps changing We are all multicultural

6 “Iceberg model” Kreps and Kunimoto (1994)
Gender Age Ethnicity Language Skin colour Sea level Religious practice Socio-economic status Occupation Sexual orientation Religious belief Political ideology Disability and health Cultural beliefs, expectations

7 Your cultural identity
Which cultural groups would others say you belong to (top of iceberg)? Which other cultural groups do you feel you belong to (bottom of iceberg)?

8 Cultural competence Well meaning blunders Cultural knowledge
Tendency to stereotype Bigotry Cultural acceptance

9 ‘Culltural health beliefs’ and the consultation
Be curious about other cultures It’s always OK to ask Keep questioning your assumptions Don’t forget – culture is complex and multidimensional culture is dynamic, not static most people are a mixture of cultures

10 Groups after tea Health beliefs in your family and others you know
Your consultations in which exploring culturally related health beliefs has been important

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