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Herbal Medicine Megan Kearney BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS DipHerbMed MNIMH Medical Herbalist

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1 Herbal Medicine Megan Kearney BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS DipHerbMed MNIMH Medical Herbalist

2 What is Herbal Medicine? §Use of whole plants in the promotion of health and the treatment of disease. §Primary medicine of over 80% of the world's population §Evidence of human use for more than 60 000 years e.g. pollens from yarrow, marshmallow and ephedra found at the burial site of a Neanderthal man in Iraq

3 Herbal Approach §Broader view of disease looking at the underlying causes and individual expression of disease not just the presenting symptoms §Prescription to restore homeostasis §Promotion of optimal cellular nutrition and elimination

4 Herbal Medicine in the UK §1 in 5 regularly use CAM - Herb no 1 §European market 2001 3.2 billion Euros §Registered herbalists: ~ 650 Western, 550 Chinese, 150 Ayurvedic & 56 other §Unregistered ~ Approximately 1000 §6 BSc NIMH accredited courses §EHPA - Statutory Self Regulation

5 Is Herbal Medicine the same as Homeopathy? §No! §Longer tradition - 60 000 years of use §Different philosophy & approach §Only plant based medicines §Medicinal plants used in material doses not in homeopathic potency §Potential for herb-drug interactions

6 The Herbal Consultation §Client details including GP §Comprehensive medical history §Clinical examination & assessment §Diagnosis & prognosis §Discussion & advice §Individualised prescription & dispensing

7 Why Use Medicinal Plants? §Whole plant medicines usually have a more gentle and balanced effect §Synergy within a plant & between plants §Low cost §Promote homeostatic mechanisms not suppress the bodys efforts heal §Safe and effective treatment option when pharmaceuticals inappropriate

8 Scope of Herbal Medicine §Nutrition: food & nutrients e.g. Coriander, Garlic, Nettle & Oats §Maintenance of Health: systems e.g.Dandelion, Garlic & Slippery Elm §Treatment of Disease: acute & chronic e.g. self-medication, over-the-counter- products, medical herbalist & other practitioners

9 Herbal Medicines §Herbal medicines prescribed according to the needs of the individual patient §Traceable products from unpolluted and sustainable sources §Versatility of herbal preparations e.g. fresh, juice, tisane, tincture, syrup, aromatic water, powder, capsule, tablet, pessary, lotion, cream, ointment & oil

10 Sources of Herbal Medicines §Cultivated and wild plants where appropriate §A Medical Herbalist §Herbal shop or other retail outlet e.g. Napiers 0131 553 7999 §Avicenna 01570 471 000 §Herbal Apothecary 0116 2602690 §The Organic Herb Trading Co. 01823 401205 §Phyto Products 01623 644334 §Rutland Biodynamics Tel 01572 757440

11 Safety §Few reports of adverse events following the use of medicinal plants §Plant misidentification, substitution, adulteration and herb-drug interactions §Improving quality control and labelling §NIMH suspected adverse event reporting scheme Awareness of herb-drug interactions

12 Research §In vitro analysis with chromatography §RCTs Serenoa repens, Carduus marianus, Echinacea spp., Ginkgo biloba, Cimicifuga racemosa, Hypericum perforatum &Valeriana officinalis §NIMH - herbal practice & clinical audit §Laminitis Trust - Vitex agnus castus

13 Further Reading §Bartram T Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Grace Publishers 1995 §Bone K Clinical Applications of Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs Phytotherapy Press1996 §Bradley P R British Herbal Compendium Vol. 1 British Herbal Medicine Association 1992 §British Herbal Medicine Association British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1983 BHMA 1983 §British Herbal Medicine Association British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1990 Volume 1 BHMA 1990 §Chevalier A The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants Dorling Kindersley 1996 §Evans W Trease and Evanss Pharmacognosy W.B.Saunders Ltd 1996

14 Further Reading Continued §Grieve M A Modern Herbal Jonathon Cape Ltd. 1931 §Griggs B Green Pharmacy Jill Norman and Hobhouse Ltd. 1981 §Hoffman D The New Holistic Herbal Element Books Ltd. 1990 §Mills S & Bone K Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy Churchill Livingstone 2000 §Newall CA, Anderson LA & Phillipson J D Herbal Medicines - A Guide for Healthcare Professionals The Pharmaceutical Press 1996 §Ody P The Herb Societys Complete Medicinal Herbal Dorling Kindersley 1993 §Weiss R Herbal Medicine Beaconsfield Publishers Ltd 1988

15 Useful Websites § European Journal of Herbal Medicine § European Herbal Practitioners Association § European Scientific Co-operative on Phytotherapy - Clinical Trials in Phytotherapy: From Concept to Publication § National Institute of Medical Herbalists § Faculty of Homeopathy

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