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Threadworms Lawrence Pike.

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1 Threadworms Lawrence Pike

2 Symptoms Threadworms or roundworms can be seen as tiny white/brown works in the stools. Inverted adhesive tape (as used for removing fluff from a jacket) can pick up worms or eggs from around the anus. An itchy bottom, particularly at night, is the trade mark of the threadworm as the female lays its eggs in the anus causing the person to scratch, pick up the eggs, and pass them on or re-infect themselves.

3 Causes Infection with threadworms and roundworms usually comes from contact with an infected person. They spread very quickly within a family and can remain for considerable periods of time without the family realising it. Beef tapeworms are more common than pork tapeworms but both arise from eating infected meat which has not been thoroughly cooked.

4 Prevention Wash your hands after going to the toilet or handling animals. Wash your hands before eating. Cook your meat thoroughly. Keep children away from dog faeces, encourage your local council to enforce pooper-scooper rules and keep dogs out of parks and playgrounds

5 Complications Threadworms and roundworms are not serious.
Tapeworms can cause more problems particularly in sick or debilitated people.

6 Self care Effective treatment for threadworms and other worms is available from pharmacies. The pharmacist can also advise on how to prevent the problem happening again.

7 Treatment Treat the whole family simultaneously
If pregnant, breast feeding or under 3 months, use hygiene methods only Age 3 months – 11 months Pripsen powder. 2.5ml now and repeat in 14 days Age 12 months – 23 months Pripsen powder. 5ml now and repeat in 14 days Age 2 and above (inc. adults) Mebendazole Tablets. 1 now and repeat dose in 14 days.

8 Threadworms References: Prodigy, BNF and NHS Direct

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