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House Hunting Paula Barker & Laura James. House Hunting: Aim of Presentation: Discuss: Who to live with and where Type of accommodation Tenancy agreements/contracts.

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1 House Hunting Paula Barker & Laura James

2 House Hunting: Aim of Presentation: Discuss: Who to live with and where Type of accommodation Tenancy agreements/contracts Bonds/deposits – Tenancy Deposit Protection Safety Bills Licensing Repairs

3 With who & where? Who? Friends from your course? Friends from halls? On my own?How many of us? 4,5,6,8? Where? Close to CU? City centre?Outskirts of city? Commuting distance?

4 Accommodation Options: Private rented accommodation Private landlord Lodgings University residences Private halls (Liberty living and Victoria hall)

5 Check List Is the property secure – Locks on windows & doors Is the property in a good state of repair Any signs of damp or condensation Decorating or repairs need to be carried out Enough storage space in kitchen/bathroom Gas certificate What is & isnt included in the rent Ask current tenants questions

6 If you sign a contract and change your mind & dont want to live there anymore you can not get out of my contract A contract is a legally binding document so once youve signed it your bound by it.

7 Contracts Legally binding Read the contract carefully, If youre not sure about some aspects get it checked by ARC before signing Joint tenants If you and your housemates all sign the same contract at the same time, you become joint tenants and therefore jointly and severally liable for all bills Guarantors This is a form that usually parents sign that guarantees payment of the rent and any other bills that you are liable for under the terms of the agreement. If you do not pay your bills they will ask the guarantor to Promises Any promises that are made by the landlord/letting agent should be written in to the contract before you sign it.

8 The landlord/letting agency has to register your bond/deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (TDP) TDP was introduced by Government in 2007. Aim is to protect tenants deposits 3 TDPS: Deposit Protection Service Tenancy Deposit Scheme My deposits

9 Inventory Inventory is a list of furniture, fittings and other equipment. Ensure it contains information on the content and also the condition of everything in the property.

10 Safety All houses must have a current Gas Safety Certificate. Landlords responsible for electrical safety. You should have a clear, safe and uncluttered exit in case of fire. Smoke detectors, fire blankets and fire extinguishers should be installed. Doors and windows should have suitable working locks

11 HMO Licence House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) = 5 people living in a house of 3 stories or more have to reach certain standards Has to meet minimum standard on: Bathrooms Kitchen Room size Fire protection Property will also be given a health & safety rating

12 Additional Licensing Any rented property in the Cathays area with 3 or more occupants will be required to have a licence. WHY? To improve security and energy performance of properties Ensure there are sufficient bathrooms, storage and cooking facilities for the number of tenants licensed to be in the property Will check fire detection and prevention systems, and locks on windows and doors

13 Bills, bills, bills Check what utilities, if any, are included in your rent Find out who your utility suppliers are (Gas 08706 081524 Electric 0845 60159721) Read the meter and keep record of it when you move in Ensure all names are on the bill Full time students are exempt from council tax Decide how youll pay If you have problems making bill payments let the company know as soon as possible

14 Repairs The landlord is responsible for maintenance and repair of the structure and exterior of the property – responsibility for other repairs depends on what is agreed. 1. Make a formal request in writing for work to be done 2. Give the landlord a reasonable period in which to do it 3. If it still not done, seek advice from the Student Support Centre or the ARC in the Students Union.

15 Your Responsibilities To the landlord Must not deliberately damage property Must behave in a tenant like manner Must pay rent on time To your housemates Be considerate to each others needs Ensure you can pay towards the bills Ensure communal areas are respected To the community Not all residents in local area are students Be considerate You may become subject to the University Disciplinary rules

16 Your Rights Right to quiet enjoyment Landlord has the right to inspect the premises however with your consent at a reasonable time and must give 24 hours notice Free from harassment The landlord can not harass you in anyway. The landlord can not withdraw electricity or gas supply to evict you. Harassment is a criminal offence

17 Remember Think carefully who you want to live with and where Dont feel pressured in to signing up for a property Get your contract checked before signing Supply outweighs demand for property in Cardiff – Dont rush

18 Contact Us Advice & Guidance Service, Student Support Centre Cathays CampusHeath Campus 50 Park Place2 nd Floor Cardigan House 02920 87484402920 742070 Twitter: @CardiffUniSSC Facebook: Student Support Centre – Cardiff University

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