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Clinical Neurology in General Practice

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1 Clinical Neurology in General Practice
Dr. Owen Powell Fforestfach Medical Centre

2 Aims To be able to diagnose and manage common neurological presentations in General Practice To be aware of Guidelines on best practice To be aware of local resources and care pathways


4 Case 1 Donna, a 24 year old secretary is brought to surgery by her mother. Her mother thinks she may have had a fit the day before. She says that she was watching TV and suddenly started shaking for 1 -2 minutes. This has never happened before and she is normally well. What aspects do you need to know in the history? What investigations should you arrange? What is your diagnosis and management plan and how do you explain this to Donna?

5 Resources Differentiating factors Differential diagnosis
Risk of recurrence NICE: Patient information: Epilepsy action; DVLA :

6 Differentiating seizure from syncope: helpful and unhelpful features Unhelpful features—often mistakenly thought to indicate seizure but can occur in syncope Twitching and jerking Incontinence (reflects a full bladder at the time of the event) Pallor Bitten tip of tongue Fatigue after the event Helpful features—indicate a seizure Confusion after the event lasting >2 minutes Deeply bitten lateral border of the tongue Tonic then clonic movement lasting >1 minute Deep cyanosis

7 Reported risk factors for seizure recurrence
Remote symptomatic aetiology (pre-existing static brain abnormalities that are, by implication, causative) Focal neurological findings Focal seizure phenomenology (including Todd's paresis) Focal or generalised epileptiform activity on EEG Tumours or other progressive lesions as the underlying pathology Status epilepticus Family history of epilepsy Previous febrile seizures


9 Mr. Palmer is a 56 year old pharmacist who complains of tiredness and pain in his right shoulder. Work is becoming difficult. His wife has said he is slow doing everything. He has a past history of vertigo and hypertension Medication-lisinopril 5mg daily What else do you want to know from the history? How would you examine this man? What is your management plan and explanation?

10 Resources Parkinson’s Treatment Centre, Gorseinon
NICE:CG35 Parkinson's disease full guideline.mht Patient and doctor information: Parkinson's Disease Society - Resources for GPs.mht

11 Sarah, a 25 year old teacher, complains of headaches
Sarah, a 25 year old teacher, complains of headaches. She describes a pain on the right side of her head, mostly around the eye. The pain is severe and makes her feel sick or vomit. She has had three of these headaches in the last 6 weeks. She is worried she may have a brain tumour. What important factors do you need to elicit from the history? What examination would you perform? What is your management plan?

12 Resources Bandolier: IHS criteria for migraine
British Association for the Study of Headache: Diagnosis and Management of Headache


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