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CS3 Launch, 25 September 2012 Overview and Membership Heidi Bellamy – Director CS3.

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1 CS3 Launch, 25 September 2012 Overview and Membership Heidi Bellamy – Director CS3

2 WHY A CONSORTIUM? - BARRIERS Identified need to support the culture and sport sector to operate in the new marketplaces Numerous barriers in competing for contracts: Scale and scope of contracts Procurement process Understanding requirements Cashflow

3 WHY A CONSORTIUM ? – OPPORTUNITIES 1 Scale - future opportunities through Larger strategic commissions Pipelining Neighbourhood budgets Personal budgets Hub – contract management infrastructure Back office support Co-ordinating bids Performance management Single contracting route for commissioners

4 WHY A CONSORTIUM ? – OPPORTUNITIES 2 Frontline – service development focused on meeting the needs of vulnerable people through: Thematic groups Outcome focused services Capacity Associate membership Training and networking Extending the supply chain to micro providers Highly visible presence for the sector


6 ROLE OF THE HUB Marketing Negotiation Prospecting Tender writing Contract management Resource allocation Quality improvement Organisational capacity building Service design Central infrastructure - the executive engine of the consortium

7 PROGRESS Business Plan, market analysis and 3 year cashflow Commissioner influencing strategy Membership prospectus Logo, branding and website Incorporated as a CLG with charitable status Secured funding through the Libraries Development Initiative On-going dialogue with NHS Foundation Trust ‘Integrated well-being approach’ Circa £200k bid in progress for DoH Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund in partnership with SCC

8 CS3’s GOAL “To safeguard and grow high quality culture and sports provision across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, through working with commissioners to co-design services, creating a single point of contracting, and by tendering competitively for public service contracts via a range of channels.”

9 WHAT DOES CS3 OFFER COMMISSIONERS? Single point of contracting - importantly reducing the ‘transaction costs’ CS3 will offer: Extensive local knowledge and community reach Proven track record of delivery Commitment to working collaboratively, flexibly and innovatively Contract management framework for working with providers

10 AND FOR THE SPORTS AND CULTURE SECTOR…. OUR VISION: “We believe that together we can learn more, progress faster and deliver better. We therefore commit to collaborating for the benefit of those we serve. The result will be thriving communities in which people are better able to achieve their potential through culture and sport.” BENEFITS TO MEMBERS: Quality Improvement Negotiating Power Prospects and Funding Image and Profile Better Use of Resources Strategic Capability

11 MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES 3 Categories – Full, Associate, Affiliate Full and associate membership status will be open to voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises Affiliate status will be open to public and private bodies Only full and associate members will have the right to participate in CS3’s governance arrangements Organisations will need to demonstrate they meet key eligibility criteria

12 1) UNIVERSAL CRITERIA Provision of culture and sports activities/services Area of operation Commitment to consortium working Commitment to sharing expertise All consortium members, full, associate or affiliate, will need to demonstrate that they meet all of these universal criteria

13 2) GOVERNANCE CRITERION Not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises Full and associate members will need to be user led organisations with clear and transparent social objectives

14 3) CONTRACT READINESS CRITERIA Financial health Quality systems Suitable organisational policies Suitable governance Technical capacity

15 HOW TO JOIN Read through the Membership Prospectus Complete and submit the Application for Membership form Await notification of approval

16 CONTACTS Suffolk Warren Smyth – Simon Daykin – Heidi Bellamy - John Lanagan - Cambs Jane Wilson - Jon Wroe -

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