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College Assessment Board Dr Kim Wolff: Chair CAB.

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1 College Assessment Board Dr Kim Wolff: Chair CAB

2 2 College Assessment Board (CAB) Strategic College Wide Body Responsible for: Academic standards related to assessment Policy and guidelines related to assessment Governance with regard to regulations External examiner scheme

3 3 Governance structure CAB ASP (Chair School Boards) School Board Programme Board External Examiner School Professional services College Exam Office CEC QAA office

4 4 Response to Institutional Audit Review External Examiner Scheme Review of assessment criteria (2% rule) Review governance of assessment across Schools Maintenance academic standards

5 5 Ongoing Strategic Issues Degree Classification Consideration of discretion and 2% rule Translation Schemes Assessment for those who complete some of degree overseas Use of Assessment Criteria Consideration of College marking scheme 100% Vs grade system (A, B, C etc) Reassessment (how many do we need and what format)

6 6 Key Role: Assessment Load Choice assessment for 15, 30, 45 credit modules Assessment Type (formative Vs summative) Assessment Style (essay, exam, MCQ, poster presentation) Do assessments enable students to achieve learning outcomes Do assessments overload staff unnecessarily? Can we spend more time with students (giving feedback)

7 7 Key Anxieties Plagiarism & related forms of cheating Computer generated MCQs Essay banks Appeals, student complaints

8 8 Key innovations E-assessment Self-assessment Peer assessment

9 9 Thank you Any Questions?

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