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7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC Computer Forensics & Cybercrime

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1 7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC Computer Forensics & Cybercrime
Richard Overill

2 7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC For MSci CS, MSc CILM and MSc Computing & Security students only Reading course (no lectures / tutorials) Dissertation (5,000 words maximum) All dissertations on different topics within the area of cybercrime & cyberforensics, and also distinct from MSc project (CSMPRJ) topics Proposed dissertation topics to be agreed with Module Leader individually by mid-February

3 7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC Dissertation assessment:
A thorough literature review covering the whole topic would normally gain a Pass. In addition, a rigorous critical analysis, assessment and evaluation would normally gain a Merit. In addition, a fully-justified, technically-based original proposal or novel contribution to the topic would normally gain a Distinction.

4 7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC Plagiarism:
wherever you quote from a book, article, manual, webpage, etc. you must cite the source of your quotation in the References (in full). any statement in your dissertation which is not attributed by a reference citation is assumed to be your own. ‘passing off’ the statements of other authors as if they are your own is deemed to constitute plagiarism. you must assume that search engines will be used to check the text of your final dissertation for plagiarism.

5 7CCS4CFC & 7CCSMCFC “Plagiarism is passing off someone else’s work as your own, or submitting a piece of your own work that you have already submitted as part of a different programme, module or at a different institution. The penalties for plagiarising by the College can be severe. Uploading work to KEATS is regarded by the Department as a statement by the student concerned, confirming that the work has not been plagiarised.”

6 Possible Dissertation Structure
Title page, Acknowledgements, etc. Table of Contents, List of Figures, etc. Introduction, Background & Motivation Literature Review Critical Assessment & Evaluation Original Proposal of Further Work Needed Summary & Conclusions References Appendices (if any)

7 Additional Points Use a 12-point font, single-spacing, with one blank line between paragraphs Use a standard format for references (Springer, IEEE, Harvard are all OK) Ensure all references (including URLs) are complete – i.e. they take the reader to the exact page of the document Submit electronically via KEATS (26th April 2013, 1700 hrs BST)

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