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French and Indian War (1754 – 1763). It WAS NOT a war between the French and the Indians.

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1 French and Indian War (1754 – 1763)

2 It WAS NOT a war between the French and the Indians

3 It WAS a war between the… British ( which included English soldiers and American colonists) AND THE French (with Native Americans as allies)

4 What were they fighting about? LAND! (Country with the most land would have the most money, and we know what money equals…)

5 This is how North America looked before the war

6 War erupted in 1754 over disputed claims by Britain and France to the Ohio River Valley. France built forts there to protect its fur trade – and its claims. Most Indian tribes, except the Iroquois, sided with the French.

7 Because of the war against the French, Ben Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union What does it mean?

8 It means… Colonists must stick together, work together, fight together or…

9 … they will be defeated!!! Dude…it’s your choice. Fight as one…or die apart.

10 G.I. George…the First American Hero!!! George Washington got his first military experience as a 21-year old colonel in this war. Helped the British fight the Indians in the Ohio River Valley.

11 France LOST the French and Indian War

12 Now what happens? England and France signed a peace treaty called the Treaty of Paris 1763 (named this because it was signed in Paris to end the war.)

13 What did the Treaty of Paris do? 1. France had to give the rest of Canada to the British.

14 2. France also gave land between Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River to British (called the Ohio River Valley)



17 Can you spot the changes?

18 Effects of the War on Britain: 1. Increased size of their colonial empire in America I’m king of the world!

19 2. Enlarged England’s debt! (because war is expensive!)

20 So what does the king do? England began to tax the colonies to pay the debt! WHY WOULD HE DO THIS?

21 What else did he do? He banned the colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains (in the new territory won from France). Why? He couldn’t protect the colonists from Indian raids (too expensive, and he just didn’t care!)

22 PROCLAMATION OF 1763 Westward settlement beyond the Appalachian Mountains was forbidden!

23 How did the colonists react? They didn’t like it one little bit! Can you say “Revolution?”

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