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Co-ordinated Support Plans Reviewing the Record of Need Jill Barry.

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1 Co-ordinated Support Plans Reviewing the Record of Need Jill Barry

2 Case Study Approach Eligibility Meeting the criteria Deadlines! Requesting Assessments Writing a CSP The role of the CSP Monitoring Group Finalising the document Forms available on downloads / additional learning Also on Grid for Learning-

3 Transition from RONs Assumed to have additional support needs All the provisions of the Act where they refer to children and young people with additional support needs, and their parents, apply Must seek and take account of relevant information and advice from appropriate agencies

4 Appropriate Agency Each of the following is, in relation to any education authority, an appropriate agency, namely- Any other local authority Any Health Board Colleges of further and Higher Education A department outwith education but within your local authority, i.e. Social Work

5 Co-ordinated Support Plan – Eligibility Questions Is the local authority responsible for this childs school education? Has a current assessment identified any complex factor or a number of multiple factors that have a significant adverse effect on the childs school education? Are the childs support needs likely to last for more than a year? Do those needs require significant additional support to be provided by:- Education authority as well as another department in the council? Or Education Authority as well as the Health Board or any other appropriate agency?

6 Significant Additional Support Consider the different strands:- Number of separate support inputs: how many people the pupil sees over a two week period Number of different agencies, departments involved Frequency of involvement

7 Case Study: Ona Meeting the Criteria The Annual Review Meeting

8 Additional Support Needs: please state below Mild cerebral palsy – high muscle tone resulting in difficulty placing heels down on floor when walking Significant visual impairment, retinopathy of prematurity with lower field loss and high level of myopia Bilateral sensory-neural hearing loss – wears hearing aids Learning difficulties Severe language delay

9 Meeting the Criteria YesNo Multiple and Complex Enduring (lasting more than 1 year) Support from more than one agency, provide details: AgencyFrequencyLevel of Support Occupational Therapy Speech and Language Therapy Community Child Health Social Work: Star Carers, Deaf Society As required Block therapy and ongoing consultation At least monthly Almost daily As required for seating and fine motor skills On rotational basis and regular liaison with Hearing Support, Visual Support, parents and class team. Sharing information between agencies, coordinating care. Support to family for respite and attendance at review meetings and appointments

10 Review of Decisions Any decision made can be subject to mediation Some specific decisions can be subject to dispute resolution Any decision relating to the CSP can be subject to reference to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal

11 Workshop 1 Using the information in one of the case studies and the review meeting proforma, ascertain if the pupil meets the criteria for a Coordinated Support Plan. Establish your reasons for this. Complete the proforma and if the pupil does qualify for a CSP, agree who will be asked to provide an assessment. If you have time do the same with the other case study.

12 What Now?

13 Getting organised ActionDateTimescale Assessments requested onWeek 1 Assessments returned to CSP Coordinator by Week 10 Information collated and sent to CSP Monitoring Group by Week 12 CSP Meeting with parents and all professionals by Week 14 CSP finalised and sent to parents and CSP monitoring group by Week 16

14 Keeping track of everyone Use Record of Correspondence Involve the school administrator Chase up prior to the deadlines

15 The CSP Monitoring Group CSP Monitoring Group makes the final decision about granting a CSP They need the minute of the review meeting, completed assessments from all involved with the pupil and a draft CSP if available. All documentation emailed to Rhona Jarvis

16 Writing a CSP CSP Coordinator collates all the information from the assessments Much easier if in electronic format The CSP is a Draft CSP until ratified by CSP monitoring group and inter- agency contributors Draft circulated to all contributors and parents for comment/amendments

17 Co-ordinated Support Plan - Content Educational Objectives Additional Support Required Persons providing additional support Set out the educational objectives that require co-ordination of support for the child, taking account of the factors giving rise to additional support needs Set out the additional support required to achieve each of the educational objectives Specify the persons by whom the additional support should be provided: i.e. ……therapist, social worker, not the persons name

18 Educational Objectives Objectives for the pupil, not the adults Achievable within 1 year SMART Examples provided

19 CSP Meeting Week 14 Decision made by CSP Monitoring Group All involved have had sight of the draft CSP Meeting held to finalise the CSP Document amended and sent to your Head of Service for signing

20 CSP Finalised Week 16 CSP signed and returned to school One copy is held in school. Copies sent to parents, Aberdeen City, (Heads of Service), and all professionals who contributed to it. Review timescale noted for next session.

21 Workshop 2 In your groups, complete the tracking forms and attempt to write a CSP for one of the case studies provided. Spend time on the Educational Objectives, these are the most challenging part of the CSP. Discuss how you can track the process in your establishment Record any issues on the feedback sheet

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