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Events Leading Towards The American Revolution Malik Gailes 5 11-1-10.

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1 Events Leading Towards The American Revolution Malik Gailes 5 11-1-10

2 Navigation Acts 1650-1696 The Navigation acts were passed by the British parliament. These acts were a series of twenty-nine laws passed to control colonial trade and shipping. Most colonists resented the Navigations Acts. Many ignored them, and many prominent merchants took part in smuggling.


4 Proclamation of 1763 1763 It was an attempt to prevent colonial tensions with Native Americans by establishing the western boundaries of the 13 coastal colonies Upset because the law forbade them from settling in the Ohio River Valley where there was fertile soil for farming, plus many colonists had already bought land west of the Appalachians and now weren't allowed to move.


6 Stamp Acts 1765 Stamp Act required Americans to pay tax on every piece of printed paper used. Ship's papers, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and playing cards were taxed. They were mad and some refuse to buy items from Great Britain.


8 Sons Of Liberty 1765 The Sons of Liberty formed to protest the stamp act and any other British act dealing with taxation without representation.


10 Declaratory Acts 1766 It stated that Britain could still pass laws affecting the colonies. It also gave Parliament power over the colonies. The colonists responded by "interpreting" very loosely that this act did not give Britain the power to tax them.


12 Quartering Acts 1765 King George the Third of England passed an act where the colonial Americans had to house the British troops that were in America.


14 Townshend Acts 1767 It taxed only imported goods that the colonist couldn’t make themselves and they use on a regular basis. The colonist protested the Townshend Acts by boycotting British goods


16 Boston Massacre 1770 British soldiers fired into a crowd of innocent bystanders five were killed; the incident was blown out of proportion by Paul Revere






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