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Chen Xin (Vivian). Energy Consumption by Sectors.

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1 Chen Xin (Vivian)

2 Energy Consumption by Sectors

3 Domestic Energy Consumption by Fuel Type

4 Domestic Energy Consumption by end user

5 UK Population and Households 1975-2030

6 Energy Consumption per person and household

7 Domestic Energy Consumption by Fuels to 2030

8 Energy Efficiency -on Space Heating Roof Save heat loss by up to 60% Wall Save heat loss by up to 60% Ventilation Save heat loss by up to 80% Window save heat loss by up to 50% Loft insulation Cavity insulation Draught insulation Heat recovery/Heat exchange Doubling glazing

9 Energy Efficiency -on Space Heating Standard Boiler ( Energy efficiency 70%) Condensing Boiler ( Energy efficiency 90%) 20% increase

10 Energy Efficiency - Cooking, lighting and appliances Cooking : Energy-efficient cooking equipment (Electric oven, Microwave etc) Lighting : Low energy lamps (LED) Appliances : Green Logo appliances

11 Renewable and Nuclear Power Solar energy Wind energy Others ( Wave,Tidal, Hydro) Nuclear Power

12 Conclusion Domestic energy consumption keep slight increase to 2030. Population and household increase significantly offset the energy efficiency. Further improvement the energy efficiency especially focus on space heating. Promote renewable energy and nuclear power Strategy – Low Carbon Transition Plan

13 First zero-emission home 1. Two-bedroom house is insulated to lose 60% less heat than a normal home. 2. Facility include Solar panels, a biomass boiler and water efficiency devices such as rainwater harvesting.


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