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Chapter 4.1 Guided Reading and Review

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1 Chapter 4.1 Guided Reading and Review
Hinduism and Buddhism

2 A. Main Ideas 1. Founder: Hinduism: No Single Founder
Buddhism: Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha)

3 A. Main Ideas 2. Relationship with God:
Hinduism: Many gods give form to Brahman Buddhism: No formal rituals, priests, or worship of many gods

4 A. Main Ideas 3. Goal of Life:
Hinduism: To achieve Moksha or union with Brahman Buddhism: Must follow the eight-fold path to understand the four noble truths and reach nirvana

5 A. Main Ideas 4. Sacred Texts: Hinduism: Vedas and Upanishads
Buddhism: The Tripitaka

6 A. Main Ideas 5. Attitude Toward Nonviolence:
Hinduism: Followed Akimsa or Non-violence Buddhism: Believe in nonviolence

7 A. Main Ideas 6. Reincarnation:
Hinduism: Believed in reincarnation and the principles of Karma and Dharma Buddhism: Believed in reincarnation and the

8 A. Main Ideas 7. Caste System: Hinduism: Embraced Caste System
Buddhism: Rejected the Caste System

9 B. Reviewing Key Terms 8. Atman : Hindu concept of essential self,
another name for Brahman

10 B. Reviewing Key Terms 9. Reincarnation: The rebirth of the soul

11 B. Reviewing Key Terms 10. Karma: the believe that actions in this
life will affect one’s fate in the next life

12 B. Reviewing Key Terms 11. Dharma: Religious and moral duties of
an individual

13 B. Reviewing Key Terms 12. Ahimsa: Hindu principle of non-
violence which teaches that all people and things should be respected.

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