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Welcome To NMS!!Welcome To NMS!! Please take the following from the table: -Name Tag (please fill out) -Child’s Schedule.

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1 Welcome To NMS!!Welcome To NMS!! Please take the following from the table: -Name Tag (please fill out) -Child’s Schedule

2 Welcome To NMS!! Mrs. Ventura 6 th Grade Blue Team Reading

3 Welcome To NMS!! Mrs. Ventura Mrs. Verna 6 th Grade Blue Team Reading

4 About Mrs. Ventura… 6 th Grade Reading- Blue Team Eighth Year at NMS 2004 Penn-Delco Graduate Graduated from West Chester University in 2008 Masters degree from Wilkes University in 2010 Personal note- daughter just turned 2 years old

5 About Mrs. Verna… 6th grade learning support Fifth year at NMS Graduated from St. Joes in 2010 Masters degree in Literacy in 2011 I started going back to school again in January

6 Goals for 6 th Grade Reading –To expand existing reading levels –To expose students to a variety of literature (poetry, short stories, novels, nonfiction, and drama) –To introduce, expand and analyze literary elements and devices –To foster an innate desire to read for pleasure (Reading Counts & Silent Sustained Reading)

7 Topics covered –Plot –Characterization & Point of View –Theme –Mood & Tone –Literary Devices & Skills –Argumentative Pieces –Non-Fiction –Novels: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Lost on a Mountain in Maine & Lost Trail by Donn Fendler

8 Reading & English Connection –Aligned curriculum Similar topics and skills being taught and used simultaneously –Writing skills practiced in reading as well as English

9 No bullying Treat others the way you want to be treated Listen quietly while others are talking Classroom Expectations Prepared with supplies, homework, etc. Come to class on time Stay on task Responsible Respectful Ready Be prepared with materials Participate in discussions & activities

10 Grades online eSchools New System! You should have received a paper in Period 1 on how to access Last I heard… You will not be able to access the new gradebook until about half way through the marking period

11 Grading System Homework: 10% of grade –Includes: review of concepts from class, unfinished classwork, Reading Counts (will talk about next) Formative Assessment: 40% –Includes: class participation, exit tickets, comprehension checks, classwork Summative Assessment: 50% –Includes: tests, quizzes, projects

12 NMS Grading System 92 – 100 = A 84 – 91 = B 76 – 83 = C 70 – 75 = D 69 & below = F

13 Homework At least three times a week. Encourage daily reading for a minimum of 20 minutes Graded on completeness and/or accuracy (depending on assignment) Can be turned in one day late for half credit (if not reviewed in class) May consist of unfinished class work

14 Reading Counts Students will be graded on reading counts every marking period! It is worth 50 points! –Honors goal: 175,000 words –Accelerated goal: 125,000 words Students that do not reach their goal will lose some points depending on their word count. Exact grading scale can be found on my teacher website.

15 Reading Counts Progress check half way through marking period; parent signature will be required If help is needed finding a book or passing a quiz, please ask Reading Counts computers are available in most classrooms and the library –Students can take quizzes at various points throughout the day- ex. if they finish starter/classwork/test early.

16 “Remind” Sign up to receive texts or emails (your choice) about important dates in reading class such as upcoming tests, when reading counts is graded, etc. Directions on the back of handout No phone numbers or emails will be exchanged

17 Teacher webpage Updated weekly with: –Classroom news –Daily class agenda –Homework, including upcoming tests and projects Please use this as a resource for missed and/or unsure assignments !

18 Book Orders… Yes, we still have them in middle school!!! There are two convenient ways of ordering books for your child: –Traditional Method: Send in order form & money (check please-no cash) –High-Tech Method: Scholastic website When you buy books, I get points that can be redeemed for more books in my classroom library!

19 Communication….. Is the secret to a successful academic year!!

20 Ways You can communicate with me… You can call or email me whenever you feel necessary! Email is my preferred method (610) 497-6300 x3213

21 Ways your child can communicate ….. Written note Conversation before or after class to ensure privacy Email

22 Thank you! If you have any questions or comments about this evening or throughout the school year, please contact me! Thank you for spending the evening with me! As a team, I am confident that this will be a very successful year for everyone

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