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WikiD (Wiki/Data) Jeffrey A. Young OCLC Office of Research Distributed Service Registry Workshop Warwick, UK 14 July 2005.

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1 WikiD (Wiki/Data) Jeffrey A. Young OCLC Office of Research Distributed Service Registry Workshop Warwick, UK 14 July 2005

2 WikiD Overview Ward Cunningham describes a wiki as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".describes The cost of this simplicity is that wikis are generally limited to a single collection containing a single kind of record (viz. Wiki Markup Language records). Wiki Markup Language WikiD (Wiki/Data) extends the wiki model to support multiple collections containing arbitrary schemas of XML records with minimal additional complexity. WikiD

3 What well cover Walkthrough of the conventional WikiPage creation process Walkthrough of the WikiD Collection creation process Discuss potential applications of WikiD Discuss the architecture of WikiD

4 Data democracy

5 Click to edit this sandbox page

6 Create a reference to a new WikiPage Click to save Changes

7 The ? indicates that the page doesnt exist yet. Click it to start the page creation process

8 Type in some content according to the Wiki Markup Language rules Click to save changes Side note: Category WikiNames are special

9 The question mark is gone, replaced with a hotlink to the new page

10 Here is the Wiki Markup we entered, rendered into HTML for display

11 Collection WikiNames Some WikiNames can have special meaning (e.g. WikiNames that begin with the word Category) For our purposes, we dont care how Category WikiNames are special, only that they are treated differently by the WikiEngine In the same spirit, WikiD treats WikiNames that start with the word Collection as special

12 This is the WikiD sandbox page and were going to edit it

13 The Collection prefix is special. Were going to create a registry of open- source software projects Click to save changes

14 The sandbox page has been updated to reflect our change. Click the ? to begin the collection creation process

15 Before we create the collection, note that none of the listed XML Schemas suit our needs So, click to add a new schema

16 Lets identify our new XML Schema with the label: software

17 Give our XML Schema a title Click Create to submit Now, list the element names in our new XML Schema

18 What gets stored is an XML Schema document generated from the list of elements we just entered

19 Were back to our collection creation form with our new XML Schema now included in the list of available XML Schemas Create the collection

20 The ? is gone. We just created the collection, so our collection name is now hotlinked

21 This is the collection home page. Its time to add items to the collection.

22 Here are the element names from the XML Schema I just created

23 This is the collection home page, with several items added

24 This is the display for a single item in the collection

25 WikiD Features Support for fielded searching (via SRW/U) Support for XML Schema crosswalks (via XSL) Support for custom HTML rendering (via XSL) Support for custom collection-level actions (via Java classes and/or XSL) Support to dynamically interact with external collections (e.g. OAI repositories, OPACS, OpenURL resolvers) Supports a variety of protocols for input/output OAI-PMH v2.0 SRW/U OpenURL 1.0 RSS Arbitrary URI resolution (via an embedded OpenURL 1.0 resolver)

26 Pears DB Engine File system SRW/UUpdate WikiD OpenURL 1.0 WebEdit Servlets & Data Flows

27 OpenURL 1.0 Resolver A standard for performing context-sensitive services on referents (e.g. rendering of wiki markup records) Installation is configured to recognize wiki-type services display edit delete etc. For this application, my plan is to embed this in the WikiD code rather than run it as a sibling web-app

28 Wiki/OpenURL 1.0 Mapping IdentifierBy Value Metadata By Reference Metadata Private Data Referentinfo:sid /localhost :Wiki.Internal :FrontPage/Sub Referring Entity http://localhost:8080/meta wiki/info:sid/localhost:Wiki. Internal:FrontPage RequesterUser ID (if authenticated) Service Typeaction=edit Resolver Referrerhttp://localhost:8080/meta wiki

29 Pears A record-based database system

30 SRW/U Search/Retrieve Web/URL Service A SOAP/REST search service standard

31 Update Update Web Service A database update web service standard created by the SRW/U community Enhanced to support file system-based version control of documents

32 WebEdit A lightweight open-source web-based record editor Accepts HTML form submittals and transforms them into XML documents that conform to a desired XML Schema Forwards the generated XML document to a corresponding Update service

33 WikiD An lightweight wiki front-end to an OpenURL 1.0 resolver This combination supports wiki-enhancements for managing fielded data collections doGet/doPost processing Transforms a Wiki URL request into an OpenURL 1.0 ContextObject representation Issues the ContextObject to the OpenURL resolver Relays the resolver results back to the client

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