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JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) Amanda Closier

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1 JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR) Amanda Closier

2 JISC Information environment The JISCs Information Environment will provide a range of services, tools and mechanisms for colleges and universities to exploit fully the value of online resources and services.Information Environment It will enable presentation, delivery and use of online resources in ways tailored to support individual and institutional requirements in learning, teaching and research.

3 JISC Shared Services To enable portals and other services to deliver diverse digital resources, machine-readable information about services, content, rights and users is required to act as the glue between portals and the content itself.

4 JISC Information Environment Architecture

5 IE Service Registry a machine-readable catalogue of the high-quality resources that form the Information Environment. The Service Registry will contain descriptive information about electronic resources, but will also hold technical details about how machines may access them

6 IESR Pilot 14 month Pilot 3 centres, UKOLN, MIMAS and University of Liverpool A subset of JISC services will provide descriptions for the pilot

7 IESR Descriptions Based on the RSLP Schema Consist of information about collections and the services offering access to them

8 Access IESR will store detailed descriptions of collections and services These descriptions will be available to portals, brokers etc through the IESR

9 IESR and the Resource Guides Ideally the JISC website should get information about its services from the IESR Duplication and maintenance of descriptions should be avoided The same is true for the Resource Discovery Network (RDN)

10 Current Activities User Requirements survey Project meeting June 11th Stakeholder Meeting in Birmingham, 26 th June

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