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UKRDS: the policy context 26 February 2009 Paul Hubbard Head of Research Policy, HEFCE.

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2 UKRDS: the policy context 26 February 2009 Paul Hubbard Head of Research Policy, HEFCE

3 The Policy Context The national policy and funding framework Building on achievements A challenge: Making the case for UKRDS

4 Research: national policy and funding Government policy: A world class national research base Making a clear contribution to economic growth and national well-being National context: Public funding channelled through multiple sources (dual support) Funding in a recession: setting priorities and investing for recovery

5 Funding: role of HEFCE HEFCE allocates capital and recurrent funding for research: As one of several interacting funding sources supporting the research base/ infrastructure; and To enable HEIs to pursue new research fields and lines of enquiry We expect our funding to support a system that is Competitive in a global environment Dynamic and responsive Efficient in its use of public funds

6 Building on achievements (1) The UK research base is Competitive: we are second only to the US in a number of major fields Dynamic and responsive: at the forefront of new ideas and increasingly responsive to the demands of research users Efficient: quality and volume of output is high in relation to scale of activity and level of investment How have we done this?

7 Building on achievement (2) The UK has an exceptional record in creating strong and efficient research information resources: Print services: Collaborative collection management (RSLP); National research libraries; BL Document supply centre; UK Research Reserve

8 Research information resources Online resources: Licensing of electronic journals JISC infrastructure services Digital curation centre Other support services: Research information network

9 Making the case for UKRDS (1) HEFCE hopes to see a case made for supporting a service that: Meets a proven need in the research base – Research data is being and will be produced that can be re-used – Researchers will collaborate in ensuring it is stored and will demand access to it later

10 Making the case (2) Is supported by a consortium of funders – Sustainability and efficiency in the research base are the shared concern of all main funding providers Is fully appropriate to the needs of researchers – Standards for determining what is to be kept, for how long and in what form – Cataloguing and metadata – Security

11 Making the case (3) Improves efficiency in the research process and is supported by a sound business case – Evidence for levels of current and foreseeable demand from researchers to store their data and for access to data once stored – Evidence for the savings from storing data which would otherwise have to be re-created later – Capital and recurrent costs of storage and active management on this scale

12 Making the case (4) Sets out strong arrangements for management and future sustainability – Ownership of the storage, of the system, of the data – Who will determine standards and procedures (including for updating, weeding and re-formatting stored data) – Arrangements designed to have a good chance of lasting for many years Implementation is thoroughly planned

13 So there is still work to be done Over to you! Thank you for listening

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