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A centre of expertise in digital information management UKOLN is supported by: Libraries and Team Science Dr Liz Lyon, Director, UKOLN,

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1 A centre of expertise in digital information management UKOLN is supported by: Libraries and Team Science Dr Liz Lyon, Director, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK Associate Director, UK Digital Curation Centre ICSTI Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June 2009 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

2 Running order 1.Team Science : doing C21st research 2.Data Informatics Top Ten : (for Libraries) 3.Looking to the Future?

3 Team Science : doing C21st research

4 What do we mean by Team Science? Science as a social activity Tweet Blog Comment Rate Vote Recommend Tag Share Mash Increasingly open Multi-disciplinary Core team skills Trust is key Inter-institutional collaboration – better science (Brian Uzzi, 2008)

5 Simon Coles, Mike Hursthouse, Jeremy Frey, Cameron Neylon, Andrew Milsted, Richard Stephenson, Jamie Robinson, Steven Wilson, Andrew Bailey, Mark Borkum Dave DeRoure, Les Carr, Monica Schraefel, Chris Gutteridge, Tim Myles-Board, Arouna Woukei, Dave Tarrant, Stuart Middleton Liz Lyon, Manjula Patel, Rachel Heery, Monica Duke, Michael Day, Traugott Koch, Pete Cliff Domain (Chemists) Computer science Informatics eCrystals Team

6 Data Informatics Top 10 (for Libraries)…


8 1. Leadership 2. Policy 3. Planning 4. Audit 6. Repositories & Quality assurance 8. Access & Re-use 10. Community building 9. Training & skills Data Informatics Top 10 5. Engagement 7. Sustainability

9 1. Leadership Leadership (institution senior managers) –VC : Strategic imperative –PVC / VP research : Data policy development –IT Director : Storage infrastructure provision Co-ordination –Faculty audit co- ordination Awareness & Advocacy –Workshops –Promote best practice –Curation Lifecycle management Delivery –New support services

10 2. Policy international… National...

11 JISC Digital Preservation Policies Study Neil Beagrie, October 2008 High-level pointers and guidance Outline policy model/framework Mappings to UK institutional strategies Exemplars …and local Dealing with Data : Rec 10

12 3. Planning Introduction & context Legal, rights & ethical issues Access, data sharing & re-use Data collection / development methods Data standards Short-term data storage & data management Deposit & long-term preservation Resourcing Compliance & review Agreement/ratification by stakeholders Dealing with Data : Rec 9

13 Work in progress…

14 4. Audit Dealing with Data: Rec 4 Benefits: Prioritisation of resources Capacity development and planning Efficiency savings – move data to more cost-effective storage Manage risks associated with data loss Realise value through improved access & re-use Scale: Departments, institutions

15 Data Audit Framework pilots May-July 2008

16 Some lessons learned…. CeRch had four false starts before finding a willing audit partner Pick your moment ….Timing is key (avoid exams, field trips, Boards…) Plan well in advance! Be prepared to badger senior management Little documentation/knowledge of what exists:a nightmare Defining the scope and granularity is crucial Collect as much information as possible in interviews/surveys Variable openness of staff and their data

17 Remote support or integrated team science? Passive observation or proactive participation? Models? –Role extension (Faculty / subject / liaison librarians) –Secondments –Joint R&D projects –Immersive disciplinary case studies 5. Engagement

18 SCARP Case studies Atmospheric data Neuro-imaging Tele-health Architecture Mouse Atlas

19 6. Repositories

20 Quality Assurance Trust Standards Audit and certification tools TRAC DRAMBORA PLATTER NESTOR Data Seal of Approval Cost models Life2 Neil Beagrie: Keeping Research Data Safe 2

21 7. Sustainability PREMIS Data Dictionary OAIS Representation Information Registry/Repository RRORI

22 8. Access & Re-use Community Criteria for Interoperability (Scaling Up Report 2008) Domain data format standard: CIF Domain data validation standard: CheckCIF Metadata schema: eCrystals Application Profile Crystallography Data Commons: TIDCC Data Model in development Domain identifier: International Chemical Identifier Citation & linking: DOI Embargo & Rights

23 9. Training & Skills DC 101 + DC 101 Lite courses Lectures + hands-on Audience: researchers, information professionals Based on Curation Lifecycle Model + research project scenario Online version in prep. excellent : probably the best course I have been on since starting my role as an Informatics Liaison Officer Dealing with Data : Rec 33

24 10. Community-building Bring diverse groups together: data centre and IR managers, librarians, funders, policy makers, researchers –Facilitate co-operation –Exchange experience and best practice Research Data Management Forum –1) Roles & Responsibilities –2) Value & Benefits International Digital Curation Conference Dealing with Data : Rec 5

25 Moving to Multi-Scale Science: Managing Complexity & Diversity

26 Looking to the Future?

27 The role of the Library in data-intensive research is important and a strategic repositioning of the Library with respect to research support is now appropriate. there are…not enough specialised data librarians yet Recommendation: The research library community in the UK should work with universities and research institutes to define properly and to formalise the role of data librarians, and to develop a curriculum that ensures a suitable supply of librarians skilled in data handling. Dealing with Data : Rec 34 Only 5 in UK - accidental?? Cilip Update June 2008

28 A centre of expertise in digital information management IJDC 2009 (in press) Increase capacity & capability Embed skills in LIS curriculum Develop career paths, incentivise

29 Take homes 1.Library is in data informatics team 2.Human curation infrastructure.... 3.Increase capacity & capability NOW 0819/images/15037801_2008081911114295214300.jpg

30 A centre of expertise in digital information management Slides will be available at :

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