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Positioning Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

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0 LIFEBOOK S6420 Best friend on the move Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

1 Positioning Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

2 Positioning Mobile Clients

3 Portfolio Mobile Clients
Superior Ultimate Computing for Individual Needs Advanced Entertainment Mobile Office All-round 12 – 13inch 15-inch 13-inch 12-15-inch Standard Home and Office Application Mini 18-inch 16:9* 12-15-inch AMILO S LIFEBOOK P, S, E STYLISTIC/ LIFEBOOK T CELSIUS H Internet inch 16:9* 15-inch From 2.25 kg From 1.3 kg From 1.6 kg From 3 kg AMILO X ESPRIMO Mobile U,M,D,X Intel / AMD Stylish design Opt. AMILO Graphic Booster* Pre-n WLAN* Long battery runtime Slot in ODD Intel NVIDIA* Optional 3G/UMTS* Family feat. (modular bay, port rep)* Ultimate security Compact size/ weight Long battery runtime Intel Tablet PC Optional 3G/UMTS* Ultimate security Active/ passive digitizer* Berliner glass option Intel Workstation performance NVIDIA graphics Optional 3G/UMTS* Ultimate security Family feat. (modular bay, port rep) CAD,DCC, VIS certified 8.9-inch AMILO P, L ESPRIMO Mobile V From 3.6 kg From 1.95 kg Intel / AMD NVIDIA/ ATI graphics* Hybrid graphics Dual hard disk drive opt. Numeric keyboard Remote control Subwoofer Intel NVIDIA graphics* Optional 3G/UMTS Family feat. (modular bay, port rep) Ultimate security Long battery runtime AMILO Ui From 2.67 kg From 2.7 kg 8.9-inch Intel / AMD NVIDIA / ATI graphics* Pre-n WLAN* Digital video interface* Intel NVIDIA/ ATI graphics* Optional 3G/UMTS* 1 kg Intel Changeable click-on covers ExpressCard slot * depending on model Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

4 Product Highlights Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

5 New product compared to predecessor
New S-ATA family modular bay 2008* (not backwards compatible) Lower power consumption ( for better battery life, lower temperature) LIFEBOOK S6410 LIFEBOOK S6420 Processor Technology Intel® Centrino® Duo processor technology Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor up to T9500 (2.6GHz) Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor up to T9600 (2.8 GHz) Front Side Bus 800 MHz 1066 MHz Intel® GM965 Mobile Intel® 45GM Memory DDR2-667 SDRAM, 667 MHz up to 4GB DDR SDRAM, 1066 MHz up to 8GB* Wireless technologies Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965 AGN Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5300 AGN * with future modules Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

6 LIFEBOOK S6420 - Highlights
Slim mobility Slim and lightweight notebook, weighing below 1.7 kg, with a 13.3-inch WXGA display that can run up to 8.5 hours with a second battery Maximum connectivity Optional integrated 3G/UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth Reliable companion Spill proof keyboard, shock sensor, magnesium lid and further innovative highlights Flexible working Modular bay for a second battery or an optical drive Maximum security Fingerprint sensor, opt. TPM module and SmartCase Logon+ Common Port Replicator and AC-adapter for 3rd generation of LIFEBOOK S and E Series Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

7 Based on the latest Intel® technology
Outstanding performance Function Feature Benefits Latest Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor Mobile Intel® GM45 Chipset Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5300 AGN Increase your productivity - do more at the same time Be prepared Microsoft® Windows Vista® Connect to more industry-standards based Wireless networks Based on the latest Intel® technology Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

8 Attract envious glances
The LIFEBOOK design Function Feature Benefits Stylish and extraordinary design Sophisticated, ultra-portable design white inside Be different with a new notebook design Robustness on the run with high quality magnesium lid Attract envious glances Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

9 Convenient and comfortable to carry
The LIFEBOOK design Function Feature Benefits Weight optimized design Lightest modular notebook with 13.3-inch and only 1.7 kg Convenient carrying and highest flexibility in and outside the office Comfortable fit on your lap even in the smallest plane seat Convenient and comfortable to carry Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

10 Flexible working Function Feature Benefits Modular bay option
Fitting an DVD-drive or a second battery Be flexible outside the office and expand the LIFEBOOK S Series to your demands Maximize the working time with a second battery and reach independence from power outlet Safe your valuable data on a DVD Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

11 Wireless connectivity everywhere
Function Feature Benefits Wireless LAN and Bluetooth are optionally integrated Ideal connectivity through integration of two WLAN antennas and one Bluetooth antenna in the lid. Optional integrated 3G/UMTS Be online under all conditions, in and outside the office, with Wireless LAN Synchronize data between several different devices wirelessly with integrated Bluetooth All LIFEBOOK Series are Wi-Fi certified. That guarantees interoperability with all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products. Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

12 Highest security Function Feature Benefits
Pre-boot SmardCard authentication SystemLock Built-in SmartCard controller and optional SecureIT: software suite for best integration into your IT environment Powerful access control mechanism. SystemLock works together with a SmartCard Limit the access LIFEBOOK S6420 will not boot to operating system without SmartCard. Nobody is capable of misusing your LIFEBOOK S6420. None unauthorized access to system, setup and hard disk drives. For a higher level of security than conventional BIOS password Maximum security Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

13 TwinLoad Function Feature Benefits TwinLoad
Windows® XP in the accessories pack Change the operating system within 10 minutes Longer availability – use Windows® XP after June 30th Save money – two solutions at one price Comfortable working – no problem with your software Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

14 Built-in ConfCam Function Feature Benefits ConfCam
Webcam for personal video-conferencing, instant messaging and pictures Comfortable communication without any accessories Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

15 State of the art security protection
Highest Security Function Feature Benefits Trusted platform module (optional) Integrated fingerprint sensor TPM is a microcontroller that stores key, passwords and digital certificates Powerful access control mechanism with SmartCase Logon+ Protection of the stored information against software attack and physical theft No unauthorized access to your system. Quick Access in screensaver mode State of the art security protection Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

16 Spill proof keyboard Function Feature Benefits
Protection against system damage caused by accidental spills (up to 50 cc) Spill proof keyboard Enough time to shut down the notebook Remove the liquid from the notebook Tray shape all around the keyboard unit Highest security Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

17 ShockSensor Function Feature Benefits
Hard disk drive is sensitive to shock and vibration Active HDD protection: Detects free fall in all directions: ShockSensor integrated 3-axis ShockSensor detects sudden shocks, undue vibration and immediately returns the hard disk head to park position Passive HDD protection: Rubber cushions encasing the hard drive to absorb vibrations Prevention of hard disk drives from being damaged from shocks or vibrations HDD Film Cushions Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

18 Get access to all relevant system settings by pressing just one button
Application buttons Function Feature Benefits LockWorkstation Button LaunchCenter Button MobilityCenter Button EcoButton Fast sign off the system To launch LaunchCenter Software solution for im- proved access to mobile settings Hardware and software solution for improved power management Easy and fast security Get fast access to your configurations Save energy and extend your battery life – Press one button and get en- hanced power management settings Get access to all relevant system settings by pressing just one button Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

19 Family concept for all LIFEBOOKs
Function Feature Benefits Common family concept Those devices are family common. Port Replicator* AC adapter Design elements TPM ready Common keyboard Magnesium Lid * Common Port Replicator for 3rd generation of LIFEBOOK S and E Series Save money with family concept! Cost effective method to swap the systems and devices among each other. Use your existing device and be flexible. Highest flexibility Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

20 What makes the LIFEBOOKs unique?
Function Feature Benefits Protection of interfaces Temperature control Docking connectors and PC Card Slots of LIFEBOOK Series feature flaps Insulation cloth is applied to “hot sources” Highest protection from dirt and dust for highest reliability Stress-free working with insulation cloth to resolve surface temperature variations Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

21 LIFEBOOK S6420 – bio-based polymer
Usage of castor oil extracted from the seeds of the castor bean for connector covers Advantages: Superior flexibility Withstand repeating bending Lower burden on the environment compared to plastic Figure 1: Castor bean seeds Figure 2: Bio-polymer PA-11 has superior flexibility Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

22 LIFEBOOK S6420 - summary The perfect traveling companion
Only 1.7 kg in compact design Innovative 13.3-inch widescreen display Extend battery life throughout the entire business Unlimited connectivity Easy wireless connectivity with embedded mobile broadband (3G/UMTS) Keep colleagues in the picture with integrated ConfCam Breathtaking performance Latest Intel® Core™2 Duo processor technology Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

23 Our offering and benefits
Broadest product portfolio with embedded 3G/UMTS The best and easiest-to-use mobile access with embedded high-speed connectivity methods: Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G/UMTS The right mobile device for every business function supporting a sophisticated family concept (sharing accessories like a second battery and port replicator) Partnerships with Europe’s major mobile providers offer transparent and effortless roaming Continuous innovation – time-to-market Amongst the first to implement new mobile technologies, ensuring that they are proven for all product lines and cost-effective at an early stage Managed services Offering better cost control and less burden One-stop shopping minimizes risk and maximizes customers’ return on investment Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

24 Why us and not the others?
We have an end-to-end view: hardware, connectivity, service and financing We build our systems in Europe in close proximity to our customers We have the broadest portfolio with embedded UMTS, covering every usage profile - and partnerships with the major European providers We have been in the mobile market for more then 20 years We are innovative and have great time-to-market: 1st notebook with TouchPad 1st modular notebook 1st Bluetooth notebook 1st notebook with embedded mobile broadband 3G/UMTS with telco partnerships Track record of providing the lightest and slimmest notebooks: Lightest convertible notebook (LIFEBOOK P1620) Lightest 14-inch fully functional (modular) notebook (LIFEBOOK S Series, 2007) Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

25 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED

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