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Canada The Bath Profile and The Journey To Interoperability Carrol D Lunau Bath Profile Maintenance Agency July 7, 2003

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1 Canada The Bath Profile and The Journey To Interoperability Carrol D Lunau Bath Profile Maintenance Agency July 7, 2003

2 Canada Z39.50 Searching: what are the difficulties? Large result sets Records that dont obviously meet the search criteria Miss records that are in the database Difficulties configuring clients for each server

3 Canada Why is a profile needed? Z39.50 implementation options Different implementer interpretations of the standard Result = User frustration

4 Canada What is a Profile? Represents community consensus on requirements Identifies Z39.50 specifications to support those requirements Improves search & retrieval results Aids in purchasing decisions Provides specifications for vendors to build Z39.50 products Makes client configuration easier

5 Canada Role of the Bath Profile Provides a core specification for global interoperability of Z39.50 servers National/regional profiles can build on Bath for local requirements Objective to increase predictability & precision in searching library catalogues when desired by the searcher

6 Canada Development of the Bath Profile Lengthy process to reach international consensus August 1999 first meeting March 2000 Release 1.0 June 2000 Release 1.1 (Internationally Registered Profile) March 2003 Release 2.0 Has been re-submitted to ISO

7 Canada Features of the Bath Profile Groups related functions & requirements into functional areas Provides 3 levels of conformance Modular, can implement all or only specific functions Must use all 6 use attributes for searches

8 Canada Release 1.1 Three functional areas A: Basic bibliographic search & retrieval 2 levels of conformance, 19 searches & 6 scans B: Bibliographic holdings search & retrieval Not really defined C: Cross-domain search & retrieval 2 levels of conformance, 13 searches

9 Canada Release 2.0 Four functional areas A: Bibliographic search & retrieval 3 levels of conformance, 29 searches, 3 scans B: Bibliographic holdings retrieval & search 2 levels of conformance, 3 ESNs for retrieval C: Cross-domain search & retrieval 2 levels of conformance, 13 searches D: Authority record search & retrieval in online library catalogues 2 levels of conformance, 54 searches, 6 scans

10 Canada Changes: Level 0 Bibliographic Search & Retrieval Author search – precision match for established name heading Deleted Author search – keyword Moved to level 0 from level 1

11 Canada Changes: Level 1 Bibliographic Search & Retrieval Author searching Keyword moved to level 0 Precision match for established name heading with right truncation deleted New search for first words in field New search for first characters in field SCAN Title, Subject and Any keyword scans deleted

12 Canada Changes: Functional Area A syntax specifications Requirement for UNIMARC dropped but encouraged Z-client required to support MARC21 & SUTRS Z-server required to support MARC21

13 Canada Other changes Decided not to reference future work Deleted Functional Area B Level 2 Deleted Appendix A: Use of new attribute sets in expressing selected searches Documents moved to Z39.50 Maintenance Agency Appendix B: Diagnostics Appendix E: Creating a search from Scan results Functional Area C: created ESN for the dtd for Dublin Core Simple GRS-1 replaced by XML in Functional Area B

14 Canada Clarifications Use of Term and DisplayTerm Z-clients must support Term and DisplayTerm and display DisplayTerm if sent. If DisplayTerm is not sent, Term must be displayed How terms field & subfield are used Character sets If a character set is not negotiated the server should assume that the character set is ISO Latin-1 Explanation of how conformant targets should handle requests from non-conformant clients

15 Canada New: Level 2 bibliographic search & retrieval 10 searches Key title search keyword keyword with right truncation exact match first words in field first characters in field Format/Type of material search keyword phrase Language search – keyword Date of publication range search Possessing institution search

16 Canada New: Bibliographic holdings retrieval & search Based on work by NISO and DanZIG Can conform to level 1 without conforming to level 0 Level 1 conformance requires XML record syntax Holdings schema Support of ESN B-1 and ESN B-2 or ESN C-2 Version 3 Z39.50

17 Canada New: Bibliographic holdings retrieval & search 3 Element Set Names with XML schema definitions B-1: BathHoldingsLocationsOnly Intended for centralized union catalogues that only keep title level holdings Can include a symbol and/or name B-2: BathHoldingsSummaryInfo Intended for union catalogues and catalogues that only include summary information for serials & multi-part titles C-2: BathHoldingsCopyInfo Intended for virtual union catalogues & individual catalogues with copy level information – can include circulation information

18 Canada New: Authority record search & retrieval Searches in indexes containing access points or cross references Specifications virtually identical to bib search but different attributes Level 1 14 searches, 3 scans Level 2 39 searches, 3 scans Parallels bibliographic search and cross- domain search specifications

19 Canada Related profiles North America Z39.89 – 200x The U.S. National Z39.50 Profile for Library Applications Z Texas Profile Release 2.0 Europe CENL ONE-2 Profile v.2 rev.5

20 Canada Z39.89 – 200x - highlights Has been approved & is being prepared for publication Only Bibliographic search & retrieval at this time but working on holdings as well Level 0 searches the same Level 1 includes the 15 Bath searches & adds 4 others 3 new: ISBN, ISSN & remote system number One, language, is Bath level 2

21 Canada Z39.89 – 200x - highlights Level 1 scan – identical Level 2 Includes 7 of the 10 Bath searches Language is level 2 Bath & level 1 in Z39.89 Different searches for format & type of material Z39.89 defines 2 keyword searches & provides a list of codes to use to identify the format Bath combines format & type of material in one search with both keyword & phrase searches & doesnt specify codes 40 additional searches, including controlled vocabulary pattern searches Includes an appendix giving examples of profile- defined searches

22 Canada Z Texas Have adopted Bath version 1.1 Have added detailed indexing guidelines Are developing specifications for search & retrieval from abstracting & indexing systems

23 Canada CENL Propose to discontinue development of CENL profile Develop European annex Syntax: MARC21 & UNIMARC Z39.50 version 3 to support search terms from different attribute sets

24 Canada Bath Profile Implementation Z39.50 interoperability testbed Test scripts Have tested clients Fretwell-Downing ZPORTAL Have tested integrated library systems including Dynix OCLC Inquirion, TeraText III TLC/CARL Middlesex University

25 Canada Interoperability – are we there yet? No

26 Canada What do we still need? Implementation of the profile Address indexing issues Do the necessary indexes exist? Is the attribute to MARC tag mapping the same? Semantic issues with the data Initial articles Stop-word lists Language & character set negotiation

27 Canada Future of the Bath Profile Short term ISO IRP Modifications based on implementation Medium term Holdings searching New attribute architecture Version 3 Z39.50 Specifications for search & retrieval of A & I systems Long term Metasearching & Z39.50 Will Z39.89 make Bath redundant?

28 Canada Conclusions Bath release 2.0 has simplified some specifications from release 1.1 and added significant functionality Progress is slower than we hoped The need for interoperability is not going to go away - Just do it!

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