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Implementation of resource descriptions in UKOLN projects Rachel Heery UKOLN: The UK Office for Library and Information Networking, University of Bath.

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1 Implementation of resource descriptions in UKOLN projects Rachel Heery UKOLN: The UK Office for Library and Information Networking, University of Bath

2 2 UKOLN and metadata ROADS subject gateways IAFA templates collection descriptions BIBLINK publishers and national libraries Dublin Core (+ MARC) NEWSAGENT current awareness Dublin Core PRIDE user profiles services descriptions directory service protocol X500? LDAP?? DESIRE2 resource discovery WHOIS++, GILS, Dublin Core Z39.50, WHOIS++, LDAP metadata registry

3 3 A metadata typology Simple Rich

4 4 ROADS Resource Organisation and Discovery in Subject-based Services Web based tools for Subject Services SOSIG, ADAM, OMNI, … plus Manage and search Internet resource descriptions ROADS templates (based on IAFA templates) WHOIS++ directory service protocol


6 6 IAFA template Template-Type: SERVICE Title: Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine URI-v1: Publisher-Name-v1: Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine Publisher-Postal-v1: 45-47 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE Publisher-City-v1: Oxford Description: The home page of the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine Language-v1: English Subject-Descriptor-v1: WZ40 History of Medicine Subject-Descriptor-Scheme-v1: NLM Handle: 71473886-23884 Record-Last-Modified-Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 19:09:16 +0000 Record-Last-Modified-Email: Record-Created-Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 19:09:16 +0000 Record-Created-Email: Admin-Email-v1:

7 7 ROADS registry RECCI Cataloguing Guidelines Interoperability guidelines Template usage statistics Recommendations for collaborative cataloguing Template Registry Definitive lists of template types and elements Rules for content (schemes) Change control

8 8 ROADS and DC Growing user base Enables cross searching ( using Whois++), Enables query routing (using CIP centroids or tagged index objects) Offers Z39.50 gateway Open Source software DC Template …..legacy non-DC data

9 9 NewsAgent Current awareness service for LIS... Mixture of content streams journals news and briefing materials e-mail lists and USENET news Variety of access methods Web, e-mail and Z39.50 clients user-configurable profiles

10 10 Newsagent metadata Dublin Core elements Title Subject Description Creator Type Format Identifier Language Extensions NewsAgent Topic NewsAgent Contact (by default name) email home page NewsAgent Date valid to NewsAgent Coverage geographic region

11 11 BIBLINK Aim Establish information flow between electronic publishers and National Bibliographic Agencies Background research Metadata Identification Format conversion Transmission Authentication

12 12 BIBLINK Publishers Grey - Web publishers (10) l Micronet l PROEL l Editions VIGDOR l SURFnet b.v. l Erasmus Universiteit l Official Documentation and Information in Norway l University Bergen Library l Lillehammer College Library l Arts and Humanities Data Service l The British Council Nationality l France5 l The Netherlands4 l Norway4 l Spain7 l United Kingdom6

13 13 Description of BIBLINK Workspace BIBLINK Workspace A shared facility for storing and manipulating BIBLINK workspace records Publishers National Bibliographic Agencies Third parties e.g. Identification agencies - ISBN, ISSN, etc. BIBLINK Workspace Administrator

14 14 BIBLINK requirements Carry out conversions using USEMARCON from DC or SGML input format to UNIMARC from UNIMARC to national MARC formats from national MARC formats back to UNIMARC and BC Management of the flow of events (updates, enhancements) Management of the database of records Allow searching and downloading of records

15 15 BIBLINK Workspace Interfaces Email or HTTP (Web) user interface Input formats: BIBLINK Core in HTML two SGML DTDs Export views BIBLINK Core in HTML two SGML DTDs MARC (various flavours) Administrator Web interface user registration, access control, mapping tables, configuration,...

16 16 NBAs/National Libraries Publishers BIBLINK - demonstrator Dublin Core UNIMARC UKMARC E-mail Cataloguing in Publication(CIP) type records Conversion on to national MARC format using USEMARCON Enhanced records optionally returned to publishers

17 17 BIBLINK Core metadata Principles Minimum data set (Cataloguing in Print level) Type should refine elements BIBLINK extensions used to extend semantics Conversions require intermediate format Issues Time of change for MARC formats Need to describe journals at article level Mapping from simple to richer format

18 18 USMARC 245 00 Wordnews online $h [computer file]. 246 3 World news online 256 Computer online service. 260 Washington, D.C. : $b Worldnews Online, $c [1995- 538 Mode of access: Internet. 500 Title from title frame. 520 WorldNews OnLine is a service … 650 0 Newspapers $x Databases. 856 7 $u $2 http Extract from: Nancy B. Olson, ed., Cataloguing Internet resources: a manual and practical guide, 2nd ed. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, 1997.

19 19 DESIRE 2 Provision of quality ratings subject gateways as label bureaux ranking results collaborative reviews Establishing metadata registry Subject Gateway Handbook Demonstrators of enhancements to searching subject services and EWI Presenting existing software as a toolkit

20 20 Metadata registries

21 21 UKOLN UKOLN is funded by the British Library Research and Innovation Centre (BLRIC), the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils, as well as by project funding from the JISCs Electronic Libraries (eLib) Programme and the European Union. UKOLN also receives support from the University of Bath, where it is based.

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